Stylish and Inspiring Lighting Design by Benjamin Hubert

If you are looking for new fixtures with inspiring lighting design for your interiors, take a look at these stylish modern collections of pendant lamps spotted on British designer Benjamin Hubert’s site. He’s London based studio collaborates with international manufacturers across Europe and Asia on a various range of projects including both mass produced consumer products and limited editions. Elegantly hanging above a table in you kitchen or gently diffusing light in another room, these  innovative pendant lights combines function with cutting edge contemporary lighting design made to last.

Spinning Pendant Lamps

These smooth collection of pendant lamps have a beautiful and joyful silhouette inspired by the spinning-top. Their gloss lacquered finish makes them even attractive and suitable for any modern interior.  Available in two sizes, these sleek lighting fixtures are made of aluminum with a PVC molded top and a 3m adjustable cable.






Treis Pendant Lights

Visual lightness and freedom of form are obtained due to these lamps’ non oblique form made of aluminum. Very modern, Treis is another beautiful lighting fixture created by renown British designer. To design them, it was used tessellating triangles reinforced with an injection moulded polypropylene diffuser, with a fractured prismatic surface allowing the light to be reflected and diffused.







Loom Pendant Light

The intriguing lighting design of Loom makes it a very interesting collection which use the new 3d woven polyester textile, a material that hasn’t been utilised in the lighting industry until now. It is offset and contrasted with the polymer light lens in the middle of every pendant, creating an unique display of light. Its something different from what we see everyday. Very innovative.






Heavy Pendant Lamp

The lighting fixture was named “Heavy” because of the material it’s made – concrete, which gives the pendant lamp an appealing industrial look. It has a relatively light weight wall section (14mm), with two braided cables, white and red, and it’s available in 3 sizes.






Float Cork Lamps

Seeing this lamps we were impressed with their simplicity. Despite of their classic shape, using cork as a material for them, the designer achieve an original and organic design. They are hand turned using traditional wood working techniques from large agglomerate cork blocks. The natural coloration of the cork produce a warming natural light.







Chimney Clay Pendant Lights

Produced in a pottery studio in Wales and utilizing the natural clay of the region, the Chimmey collection include pendant lamps with a very elegant design which can be used anywhere in residential and commercial places. Each one is made by hand thrown techniques and has an unique character with beautiful textured exterior finish and gloss white glazed interior.








Quarry Pendant Lights

These stylish pendant lamps can beautify any room, bringing simplicity and elegance. Marble’s translucent properties reveal its veining and ensure a diffuse light throught the room. The interior surface is evocative from the first cut by renaissance sculptors to rough out a form.





Photos: © Benjamin Hubert.

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