White Home Overlooking Spectacular Ocean Views in Kawau Island

If someone asks you how your dream house or vacantion house looks like, what do you say? We would definitely say we would like to have a house with futuristic design, situated on an island like this one we show you in today’s post. A few days ago, we wrote about a gorgeous house in Kiawah Island that might be a good choice, but this white home is really fabulous, a slice of architectural heaven. The luxury Mahina House is an original project developed by Weber Consulting and it’s located in relatively uninhabited Kawau Island, about 60km north of Auckland, New Zealand. The incredible looking 827 square feet white residence is designed in a moon shape (“Mahina” is the Maori word for moon) and is far more than just a house, it’s something that astonishes the viewer, like a significant bridge or public sculpture.

Modern, inspirational, adventurous and unique, Mahina House is worthy of a Bond movie. Its totally white interior and exterior looks lavish, opulent and sumptuous, creating a strong visual contrast with the remarkable surrounding landscape of the Pacific Ocean. With a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures, the beach mansion’s interior features a series of seven arches in order to provide support for the concrete roof, to preserve the internal sculptural form and to allow an unobstructed glass façade to the entire house which permits the natural beauty that surrounds to become an integral part of life within. What can be more  delightful and relaxing than enjoying the lush plant life and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean views from this extremely white home in Kawau Island?

Photo source: @cubeme.com


Mahina House in Kawau Island, North of Auckland






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