Stylish Ideas for Decorating Hallways

Thinking about decorating your home usually inspires you to think about decorating your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen or bathroom. But rarely, does your hallway come to mind first.

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It is only logical. After all, you spend the least of your time there. However, it is a part of your home that people and you see the first once they get in, so it is an important part of the first impression about your home. Therefore, here are some ideas about how to make that hallway a nicer and stylish place.


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Think about all the things that you can do with the walls. Painting, decorating, hanging pictures, photos, coat hangers, and other things that go there. However, keep in mind that a narrow space doesn’t really stand dark colors, cluttered look, or too many details. If you want to make it look more spacious, you should use mirrors. In order to make it look more stylish, try finding mirrors with cool frames, decoupage them yourself or decorate it with photos of your loved ones. If you have enough space, you can have some stylish options like cork panels or wood. A more casual and playful way would be covering a wall with chalkboard paint and go wild with colorful chalks.

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Less is more when it comes to hallway furniture. Go with a chair if there’s place, and a fun thing to do is to make it a stylish, mock Lui XIV style chair. It would be a nice touch, but only if the rest of the hallway is pretty basic.

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Photos, paintings and decorations all depend on the size of the hallway, more precisely, it’s width. One very interesting option is to use rope and with the use of knots, make a net over the entire wall. Then, you can hang photos on it, as well as other details as flowers, dry or fresh, shells and other interesting things. It is easy to hang them on and off so you can change it all the time.

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Some of the rules for buying an area rug is for it to be at least 6 inches away from the walls. Also, when you buy the hallway rug, make sure that you leave enough space for the door to open without getting stuck. The entire space that is covered by the doors should not be covered by the rug. The best material for this rug is wool as it is very durable and it can sustain the frequency of usage.

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Hallways can be quite interesting and welcoming areas in your home. When decorating them, give your imagination all the room it needs, but keep in mind that a cluttered hallway leaves a very bad impression. It makes you feel like you need to lower down and watch your feet while you come in and that is not how people feel welcome. Also, that would be a disaster if some bigger things need to be brought into or out of the apartment. So, keep it cool and simple.

Author: Sophie is an interior designer from Australia. She’s writing on behalf of Catwalk Rugs, rugs online store with wide offer of modern, colorful rugs. Sophie is always searching for new décor ideas and inspiration. Check for more Sophie’s updates on Facebook.


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