Tellus Nursery School by Tham & Videgard

Idea to put in practices a good design in one architecture form unique with the curves in  prominence and a good design for windows, this structure is interesting for many designers and architects, is a new nursery school next to the University college of Arts and Crafts at Telefonplan in Stockholm, in site source about Tellus Nursery School we will find more details about this unique design and in the next I will crop some information’s about this:On the border between a former urban/industrial development and a small forest where new housing is being developed, this nursery school mediates between different contexts and scales. A semi enclosed entrance courtyard constitutes a first exterior space for parents and children meeting and leaving.

The organic layout encourages movement as space becomes continuous and creates both exterior and interior rooms of challenging shapes. Windows are freely placed at different heights and allow for light and views to be adapted also to the scale of children, which further the relation between the interior and the exterior play ground and the wooded hill.The facade panels, made of 50×50mm sawn wood, filter direct sunlight into the nursery school and create hidden windows that underscore the curved interior and exterior spaces. The building complies with the highest standards for environmentally friendly and long term sound construction.



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