THE TREE TABLE amazing design for your interior decorating

A good opportunity to have the natural tree in your home is to combine the natural elements with the interior decorating style, in this sense I will propose you for today to look at this great idea for table who come by Sebastian E., is one unique style , a perfect combination between glaces and natural tree, when I see this great design for table I feel the perfect style elements, glace and wood, this combination made relief for the wood with the transparent glace help, in the forward is description by designer:

Native wood, stainless steel and glass
45x 24 x 10

The Tree Table was presented for the first time in Design Miami 2008 for a solo show with NY gallerist Cristina Grajales ( The tree table is a limited edition signed and numbered piece sold to international design collectors. The tree table has a length of 4.20 m and weighs almost half a Ton.
Each table consists of a one of a kind South American “Crespon” tree that is carefully de-rooted, cut, dried, sanded and dyed in a process that can take months. All pieces follow an extensive “casting” process in which hundreds and sometimes thousands of tree candidates are inspected. The final tree is selected by Sebastian E on spot and then taken to a drying compound for several weeks, after which Sebastian E and his carpenters can start working.



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