The best geode rock crystals to choose for your home décor

Your home is a precious space! It’s where you get back to regroup and recharge. All of us return to our home after a day’s hard work.

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Hence, our home must be a hub of positive energy that helps us get back to who we are and engage with our friends and family. It’s a safe haven when you can be yourself with the people you love. Hence, it’s essential to arrange your home with the best home décor pieces that emanate positivity and vibrancy.

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There are several ways in which you can add a rejuvenating element to your home! Some people opt-in for minimalistic home décor. Others invest in the choicest furniture pieces. However, today it is a popular home décor trend to use geode furniture pieces in your home. To know more, you can read about a beginners guide to geodes

Simply put, geode furniture pieces get made of rocks and crystals. For example, you can have a quartz geode table or an agate coaster. They come in various sizes and shapes. These crystals are beautiful to look at, and each has a mystical quality. They help to elevate the energy level of the room with their innate healing energy. 

Types of geode rock crystals

Whether you want to opt-in for a geode coffee table or sofa, you get to choose from a wide selection of crystals and rocks. Each gets known for its specific characteristics that can enhance the room’s ambiance. Here are a few names to choose from:

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  • Amethyst – It is a famous stone and has a deep purple color. The crystal stood for clarity and got used in ancient times to dispel deception and mental fog. If you want to promote the elements of clarity and truth in your surroundings, you can keep an amethyst home décor piece. A living room is the best space for this. 
  • Rose quartz – It is called the crystal of love. The crystal comes in a soft pink shade and emanates heart-warming energy that helps to resolve anger issues and other disappointments in life. In addition, it helps to embrace the emotion of love towards yourself and others. Ideally, it would be best if you kept a rose quartz home décor in your bedroom. 
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  • Calcite–It comes in orange and emerald shades. The orange color stone carries the element of the sun and helps to dispel negativity and darkness. You can add a calcite table stand in your kitchen to welcome nourishment. 
  • Selenite–The stone is distinctive for its cloudy white shade. It represents peace, harmony, and balance. So if you want a peaceful ambiance in your living room or study, you can add a selenite home décor item. 
  • Shungite – The crystal has a dark grey shade and is called a protection stone. You can place your electronic devices on a shungite table at home. You can also place your television, cell phone, microwaves, and computers on this crystal table or stand. 
  • Black tourmaline–It is dark in color and is known for its emerging and protecting properties. You can use a black tourmaline home décor piece if you want clear energy vibes in your room. The living room is the ideal space for this. 

These are some of the different crystals that get used to making geode furniture. You can choose the one you like best. 


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