Top 5 Features of A Safe Garage

According to transportation experts, cars and vehicles, in general, are only driven 5% of their time.

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This means that the engine will be silent for 95 % of the time in a parking area. When vehicles are at rest, they become hunting zones for burglars whose interest is to steal vehicle parts. Therefore, a safe garage is the best thing to invest in to protect your massive investment from these predators as well as harsh weather conditions. This article discusses the top 5 features of a safe garage. Check out Fair Dinkum Builds for garages for sale.

In a nutshell, a garage should have these features to meet the safety threshold.

● Properly maintained door systems.

● Enough lighting.

● Presence of Emergency tools like first aid kids, fire extinguishers, and kitty litter.

● Ample storage systems.

● A well-maintained power or electricity supply.

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Garage Door System

A study done in Arizona indicated that if homeowners keep their garage doors closed, burglaries in the area decreased by 50 %. A garage door should be using modern intelligent door systems. In addition, there should be a regular update of the lock. Despite having the door system, it is often easy to find that burglars broke in and stole your vehicle parts or tools. How does this happen?

● You forgot to lock the garage door.

● Your garage parts are worn out, making them easy to be tampered with.

● The door was not correctly installed.

The possible remedies include:

● Installing an automatic door closer – this will help you if you are fond of forgetting to close garage doors.

● Garage door sensor – a door sensor will enable you to stay alert when someone breaks at your door.

● Having an expert or a locksmith company who will help you install a door system and create an up-to-date lock system.

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● Doors are prone to wear and tear, so replacing hinges is increasingly necessary.

Having done these, you will be guaranteed half the safety of a garage. To foster even more security, you can install surveillance systems like CCTV to enable you to capture the footages of those who visit your garage.

Enough Garage Lighting

You have to keep the garage illuminated. The best way is to have motion-activated flood lights. The reasons for having proper lighting are:

● In the garage, you will have electrical tools.

● There are also sharp objects.

● You could also have chemicals that need to be handled carefully.

Without proper lighting, you will be encouraging shady attempts of burglars to break into your garage. Having adequate lighting at night is another safety measure to be considered for maximum safety.

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Must-Have Products in Garage for safety

A garage, unlike living rooms, makes us prone to injuries, and worst of all, the garage itself can be on fire due to combustible materials in the garage and electricity. However, there are best ways to deal with this unforeseen event. This is by having these three life-saving tools.

● Fire Extinguisher – the most preferred fire extinguishers will be the carbon-dioxide because most faults are caused by electricity. The wall cabinets and bracket can be used to mount the fire extinguisher.

● First-Aid-Kit – a garage will never lack sharp objects; if it lacks electrical things and corrosive chemicals. To make sure your garage is a safe place for you, you should consider installing a first aid kit for immediate treatment in the event of an injury.

● Kitty litter – it is normal to have oil spills in the garage, which can make the environment dirty. Kitty litter is a clay-based oil absorbent that quickly absorbs oil spills.

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Ample Storage System

A safe garage will have cabinets, drawers, and covers necessary to keep sharp objects and chemicals. Electrical materials should be appropriately maintained. With ample space, it means that electrical wires are not hanging loosely. Everything should be for swift management.

Well-Maintained Power Source

There should be a reliable power source that is well maintained in that there should be no naked wires to cause injuries.

Having these five features in your garage does not mean that your garage is 100 % safe, but how to carry out activities in the garage will determine the overall safety. Safety measures are paramount. Some safety measures to be considered include:

● Carefully dispose of combustible materials – this is a fire safety tip that should be firmly adhered to in order to avoid garage fires. Flammable materials include oily rags, magazines, and newspapers. In addition, fuels should be kept away from materials that can ignite easily.

● Keep the car doors locked – apart from door system security, locking your car can be a second layer for your safety.

● Roll up the ropes – ropes should be kept in safe places and kept in cabinets.

● Keep ladders in a horizontal position – children are always tempted to climb ladders in the garage. You can choose to keep children off the garage, but keeping the ladders in a horizontal position is essential.

● Keep the power tools disconnected when they are not being used – this is to prevent electric hazards; electric appliances should be off the power supply if they are not used to combat possible accidents.

How Can You Know Your Garage is Safe with a Single Glance?

If you can see a modern door lock system in a well-maintained form, good lighting, cabinets and shelves, first aid kits, fire extinguisher, kitty litter, then you are in a better and safe garage. There are many garages for sale online by several companies. However, it is best practice to purchase a metal garage for maximum security.


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