The Essential Farm Shed for Your Sustainable Farm

The pursuit of sustainable farming practices is the future of livestock and food production. With organic farming techniques, permaculture design methods and humane livestock management, sustainable farming can be adapted to small or large sites. Sustainable farming is also easily adapted to hobby farms, with environmentally conscious homeowners nurturing their own fresh bounties. The type of farm shed you choose for your sustainable farm will provide a long-term foundation for all your crop and livestock needs.

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A Wide Variety of Sustainable Farm Shed Uses

A high-quality farm shed will provide shelter for animals, storage for tools and dry space for livestock feed, such as hay and grain. Based on the individual needs of your farm, you can choose from a variety of farm shed sizes and materials types that are environmentally friendly and durable for many years of practical use. Open bays or enclosed rooms provide a variety of organizational options for your farm shed.

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Rainwater Harvesting from a Metal Farm Shed Roof

Water is an especially critical need and finite resource during the summer or in areas experiencing drought conditions. With a metal farm shed and a pitched roof, you can create a rainwater harvesting system that will provide water for livestock and crops during the dry season. A series of storage tanks or cisterns will allow you to harvest rainwater all year long, and you can save the water for use as needed during the dry season. With an efficient, well-designed system in place, the process of rainwater harvesting is both simple and effective.

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Large Equipment Storage or Flexible Use

Large farm sheds are available for housing harvest machinery for commercial farming operations, or you can choose a smaller shed for your small acreage or hobby farm. Creating a space that offers cavernous storage and a tall roof for large equipment means you can provide these expensive tools with shelter from the weather to improve their useful life. Creating shelving, hanging hooks or adding lofts for the storage of smaller items gives you the flexibility to adapt your farm shed to your particular needs. Workbenches can be added to create a convenient workspace and storage for small hand tools.


Overwintering Plants and All-Season Food Storage

A flexible farm shed can also be used to overwinter bulbs, corms or tender plants, and adding a root cellar or canning kitchen for preparation and storage will provide you with a multitude of storage options. The farm bounty that is harvested in the fall can be overwhelming, and the space to store root crops, canned goods and dehydrated foods is often at a premium. The challenge of storage space is easily overcome with a farm shed, and creating rodent-proof storage or a root cellar for your harvest will provide you with many sustainable options.

Flexible Livestock Shelter and Safety

Livestock stalls and shelter can also be a part of your farm shed. Space for storing bedding materials such as straw or sawdust along with dry, comfortable shelter for horses, cattle, goats or chickens can add additional functionality to your farm shed. Open bays give pastured animals choice about the option of shelter, and enclosed stalls provide safe night-time shelter for animals who need protection from the weather and predators. Flooring can be added to the farm shed to make it comfortable for the types of animals who will take shelter there. Essential-Farm-Shed (3)

Durable Materials with Flexible Reuse Options

Although a high-quality farm shed will last for many years, as an environmentally conscious farmer, you may be thinking forward to the future when the success of your farm requires a shed upgrade to a larger size. The beauty of a steel farm shed is the durability of the metal siding; should you upgrade your shed, the old shed can be dismantled. The materials can be used to create a wide variety of structures, including raised garden beds, cold frames or other types of small, practical items. The ability to recycle and reclaim these valuable materials makes a metal farm shed an excellent choice for your sustainable farm.

A sustainable farm’s success is dependent upon the infrastructure that forms the foundation of the farm’s processes. The addition of a practical farm shed will give every sustainable farmer the tools to pursue success with managing sustainable crops and livestock. Essential storage, shelter and workspace provides many flexible options to enhance the operation of the sustainable farm.


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