The Ultimate Guide to Bring Nature Indoors with Plant Walls

Are you planning for a quick and budget-friendly makeover of your home? If so, a wall can undoubtedly be a versatile space when it comes to decoration. A wall décor can be anything that adds life to your home and when we think of life, the few things that strike in our mind are greenery, fresh air and garden.


The concept of green walls has become extremely fashionable these days. Be it a building part or simply free standing, plant wall is a sustainable innovation that is not only healthy but appealing to look at. So, why not bring the outside in by introducing some beautiful plant walls to your living room. Also referred to as living green walls, it’s genuinely a promising way to boost positivity and off course beauty in your home.

You may have heard of them and thought it to be a messy concept to apply indoor but it’s actually the opposite because the indoor artificial plant walls are specifically designed in such a way that they are easy to maintain. There are varieties of plant choices available in the market so that you get the one that you like.

Benefits of Artificial Green Walls

Decorating your home doesn’t always have to be patterned the usual way with texture paints, wooden walls, stylish shelves and designer glasses. It’s time now when the combination of health, beauty and freshness can now be availed all-in-one package. Let us now take a close look at some of the many pros of green walls:

Improved Air Quality

The rainforest in Amazon is referred to as the lungs of the world. Do you know why? Because it’s all about greenery, and greenery is all about quality air which further promotes good health. Therefore, it has been proven by science that greenery around you can improve the quality of air so whatever you inhale is pure and fresh air. Having a set of artificial plant wall in your office environment and home will purify the polluted air while releasing clean oxygen which will further lead to employee productivity at workplace and overall health whereas on the other hand, people at home will be able to lead a healthy life with fewer sick days.

Inviting and Appealing Environment

Adding wall plants is not only a stylish way to spruce up your living room but you’ll be glad to know that it’s an excellent aesthetics. A green wall can turn any dull room into a great and attractive ambience. This is not only great for creating good impression on the clients and customers when visiting your office but also a wonderful concept to add nice colourful and attractive touch to your wall and home interior. You may not believe the effectiveness of such an exciting idea without trying it out.

Reduction in Energy Costs

We all are so addicted to air conditioning during summers. Isn’t that true? Did you know that installing these artificial living walls act as an air conditioner, whilst balancing humidity levels to keep people comfortable? Installing them will eventually reduce the need for expensive air conditioners that load up the electricity bills.

What more can we ask for from such an innovative yet elegant way of adding life to our beautiful home.

The Need for Indoor Plant Walls

To be true to our inner self at least, we all must agree that we are running out of green space in cities. Our busy and hectic lifestyle is taking us away from the natural beauty and fresh air that our body requires to stay healthy. Installation of bunch of plants can help you reduce the noise levels to a great extent, by reducing noise in the background, at the same time reduction in noise pollution arising from traffic on busy roads can also be noticed. The need of such incredible and useful décor items is much more than any other expensive furnishings and electronics that we purchase for our home and office. In other words, the need for general sense of calmness, peace, relaxation and well-being is greatly required for every being on this earth which is ultimately going to be achieved from greenery around.


Make sure to select disease-resistant plant varieties in order to maintain good health in your indoor garden.

“Make a Difference and Go Green!”


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