The Hot Design Trend Of Glass Pool Fencing

In the past, pool fencing was merely a safety and building code requirement. However, times have changed and now pool fencing has become an architectural design point.

By choosing a glass pool fencing system, you can create a pleasant and inviting area where the fencing not only serves a safety purpose but is also esthetically pleasing.

Many of the design issues associated with metal or wooden options can be solved with glass pool fencing, taking architectural and landscaping design to a new level.

It Won’t Block Your View

The clear glass of this type of pool fencing won’t get in the way of the view and allow sightlines in every direction. Architects and landscaping designers can create truly breathtaking layouts, incorporating views and location without sacrificing for fencing requirements.

Perfect For Any Location

Glass pool fencing is incredibly versatile and allows for designs for any type of area or landscaping. Pieces can be cut and artistically shaped for specific areas and needs without concern about strain on the system or potential breakage or stresses. 

Easy Maintenance

Because of the ease of cleaning and maintenance, the fencing will continue to be a pleasing part of the architectural design long into the future.

Even with maintenance, metal fencing can rust and begin to become an eyesore after only a few years. This wear can become a safety problem if the metal becomes exposed or sharp, something that isn’t an issue with glass pool fencing.

Varied Styles For Fencing, Rails And Gates

The ability to create a unique design isn’t just limited to the glass fencing or panels. Various styles of frameless glass railings, fences and latches are available. This gives designers numerous options so they can create the perfect look and feel for any pool area.

Safety Without Sacrificing Style

With tempered safety glass, the installation of a glass pool fence provides a safe alternative without sacrificing your view or design elements. The glass is long lasting and will withstand against the elements and with proper installation and knowledge of local laws, will provide a legal and safe environment for any home.

Glass pool fencing also creates a sleek look that will stay in style for years to come. There won’t be a time when people think it’s a trendy design element that is now outdated.

Affordable Style

While the average cost of glass pool fencing is a bit more than aluminum or other metal options, its longevity and style easily outweigh any extra cost to the bottom line. 

Gone are the days when the only option was a metal fence that would eventually become a rusted eyesore. Now with glass pool fencing, whole new worlds of design options are open to you.


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