The Importance of All Season Lawn and Garden Care

Don’t you love looking at the expanse of green outside your home? It is possible to enjoy your lawn and garden all year round with the help of lawn care services. Maintaining a beautiful lawn by yourself all year round may be too big a task for you, but with the help of experts at lawn and garden care, you will have a well-maintained garden and lovely garden all seasons of the year.

To make sure you have the right company to take care of your outdoor space, refer to lawn and garden reviews for approval and feedback from actual customers.

Getting advice and information from former clients can help you choose the lawn service that will provide you with the best service to make your garden look exceptional all year round.

Your lawn and garden have particular needs each season to grow and propagate well. Here are some guiding tips for maintaining your lawn and garden in all four seasons.


  • Test your soil. Spring is the best time to have the pH of your soil tested. Start your year with healthy soil. Lawn grass grows best in soil with a neutral pH, around 6.5 on the pH scale. You will have fewer problems throughout the year if your lawn soil contains proper amounts of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium salts.
  • Mow your lawn. Trimming your lawn during spring helps your soil to breathe and allow nitrogen exchange in the atmosphere to get your lawn to start off the right way.
  • Treat your lawn with herbicides. Before weed seeds such as crabgrass germinate, and the soil temperature is 55 degrees F, it is time to treat.
  • Fertilize. This step can help your lawn look green quickly and grow for up to three months.


  • Water adequately. You need to provide an inch of water per week for your lawn to thrive properly. But when it is hot and dry like in the summer, you need to add more water to replenish what evaporated.
  • Adjust your lawn height. When the temperature rises, so should your grass height. You should follow the old rule of thumb: Do not cut more than one-third of the leaf tissue when you mow. The taller your grass is, the more shade it provides for the ground and more plant tissue for chlorophyll production.


  • Thatch the dead grass. Remove the layer of yellowing dead grass that can block air and moisture.
  • It is time to reseed. Early autumn is the perfect time to reseed. Lawn experts advise using proprietary seeds, so there is no need to keep on reseeding.


  • Sharpen and clean your lawn and garden tools. Winter season is the time to get your tools ready for the coming spring. Please make sure they are sharp and clean to prevent the risk of lawn damage and disease. 
  • Research for more information on lawn care from books and online. Enrich your knowledge of creating a beautiful lawn and learn new tips to care for your lawn and garden.

Maintaining your lawn and garden takes a significant amount of time as a whole year, but the satisfaction you get with a beautiful lawn is immense.


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