The Importance of Outdoor Shelters to Store Vehicles

If you are in need of a safe place to store your vehicle(s), but either can’t afford indoor storage or don’t have a permanent storage space on your property, outdoor vehicle storage can be a cost-effective way to protect this important investment. Whether for a vintage vehicle, an RV, or a motorcycle, outdoor storage shelters are an ideal choice for many different situations. 

Although indoor storage, complete with a controlled climate, is an ideal option for many reasons, this extra protection typically comes at a much higher cost than outdoor storage, especially if you want to store your vehicle on your property. Therefore, choosing an outdoor shelter typically boils down to convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Considerations for Outdoor Shelter

As with any freestanding structure, choosing an outdoor shelter will depend largely on function. Whether you need temporary storage to overwinter a convertible, such as a portable garage, or a more permanent shelter for an ATV or RV, such as a carport, outdoor shelters provide versatility and peace of mind regarding some of your most valued investments. In addition to versatility, portability, and convenience, an outdoor shelter can meet your needs more specifically by the size and durability of materials.

Easy Setup/Installation

Outdoor vehicle shelters are relatively easy to assemble or install, in comparison to a more expensive add-on garage, for instance. In addition, the ease of setup or installation is often a selling point for outdoor shelters, considering the convenience of having vehicle storage in your own backyard.


Whether a portable garage or carport, outdoor vehicle shelters come in a variety of durable materials, depending on your specific needs. Metal is a popular choice for outdoor vehicle storage, with aluminum and steel being the most common materials of choice. Steel carports, or canopies, can withstand higher wind speeds than aluminum ones, for instance. On the other hand, aluminum carports are a great choice for smaller budgets. Although steel can corrode due to weather conditions, it can be painted to further it protect from the elements, or you can opt for stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion.

Wood Vehicle Shelters

Wood is a popular choice for those wanting a more natural look for their vehicle storage. A wood storage shelter is often the perfect choice to match the exterior of your home and other structures in your yard, such as a garden shed.

Portable Vehicle Shelters

The frame of this type of shelter is typically made of PVC and can be assembled and disassembled with ease. Portable vehicle shelters are much lighter but aren’t equipped for long-term use over the seasons. However, they are ideal for covering a convertible for the winter, for example, or covering a rebuild project temporarily. Portable shelters are also very affordable.

There are many things to consider when choosing an outdoor shelter for your vehicle(s), including function, preferred style, affordability, and ease of setup or installation. Fortunately, there are many models available to meet your unique vehicle storage needs and increase the value of your property.


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