The key features of the Kreg router table

If you decide to buy a router table that has enough working space, a mountain plate, and great performance regardless of the type of router, then your best option is the Kreg router table. 

No doubt, the router table is known for being innovative engineering when it comes to metallurgy and woodworking. This router table offers everything you may need, it’s powerful enough to handle any project, and comes with the best component. This article explains some of the key features of the Kreg router table. 

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Kreg router tables

The Kreg Precision Router Table is known for providing precision routine. It’s not surprising that many people are now using it because it offers an integrated approach for all the projects you may have related to woodworking and routine.

Because it’s a multi-purpose table, it gives you a chance to switch positions on your woodworking ventures. Keep in mind that the best way to have high productivity is by avoiding moving a lot while working. 

This is where the precision table comes in handy as it can keep you in one place with only a few movements required. To understand better some of its features and functionality, below are some of them: 

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An easy-to-adjust stand

A Kreg Router table can make your work a lot easier. It features a board and fence that is on the top of the heavy-duty stand. This table also has heavy-gauge steel, you can change its height, and it has levelers to enable you to level up the uneven surfaces. Even better, the router table has a stand with pre-drilled holes to make the mounting of accessories pretty easy. 

In-dust collecting feature

Each sliding fence has faces that you can place where you need to provide any support to the work-piece. Besides this, it can also maximize the chip collection with the built-in dust channel of the fence.

 Aside from the two joining rods, you can also slide them into a place just behind the outflow fence. In this way, the fence can double up to make a jointer that aligns the board edges.  

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It’s versatile and adaptable 

The Kreg Precision Router Table offers flexibility and is adjustable. The good news is that it gives you the ease of configuration to make your woodworking projects quite simple. 

This table has a large and robust table-top which is pretty unique when compared to the other square style fences. With a stand that is made from steel, it can help you have a router table that meets your routine needs.

Multi-function router table

This router table also has a saw-style and T-square model designed to hold the fence in parallel to the miter-gauge. You can even use one hand to adjust the fence and utilize locks to hold it firmly. 

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Then there is an in-feed end that has a large lock and even an out-feed that has a quarter-turn to prevent deflecting the fence. As you can see, the Kreg Precision Router Table has the necessary features you need to take your project to the next level.


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