Water Powered vs Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps – Which one is Best?

We all know how important sump pumps are for homes. This helps in keeping our days stress-free and trouble-free. Apart from preserving the quality of our homes, it also makes sure that our appliances and other belongings are kept safe and dry at all times. If you have been contemplating buying one for your home, you can check out the comparison of two of the most popular options for a sump pump. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether a water powered or a battery powered backup sump pump is ideal for you. 

Battery Powered vs. Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

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These two have saved a lot of households from unnecessary time, stress, and costs over the years. By choosing the most suitable for your home, you can definitely have a better living experience in the future. 

The Good in Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

If you are living in a place where power outages often happen, a water powered backup sump pump is the perfect choice for you. This is because it is powered by water pressure and does not utilize or necessitate a battery to function. This means you can utilize the use of your sump pump in unlimited power. This frees you from having a battery to monitor and maintain, apart from that, they are very efficient in removing loads of water while using a fairly minimal amount of water to function. 

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The Drawbacks in Having Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Since the operation of water powered backup sump pumps does not involve a battery, the installation of this machine is usually more complicated that those that are powered by batteries. Apart from that, there are some considerations that should be considered and one of them would be the home’s plumbing system. In this case, there are water pressure, flow rate, and pipe type requirements for it to function. This does not work with homes that utilize wells as the pump may be shut off in case of power outages.

Who Is It For?

We can say that water powered backup sump pumps are for those who have a good water supply and plumbing system. This is for those with homes that have a good water flow rate, water pressure, and have the right pipe types installed. This is ideal for those who do not want to go through a lot of installation trouble and maintenance requirements. And definitely, this is for those who want an efficient and cost-effective backup for their sump pump. If you are looking for one that can help you save money in the long run, then this is the best option for you. 

The Good in Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps

The reason why a lot of households go for best battery backup sump pump is because these are very easy to install and easy to understand. Operation is not complicated and it offers versatility in terms of use. It does not have a huge load of requirements and can deliver loads of power especially for those who require a huge volume of water to be pumped out. This is also more accessible in the market and usually offered in varied models and options. 

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The Drawbacks in Having Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps

As the system is powered by a battery, we can say that there is a chance of the battery running low or out during a prolonged power outage. Once the battery dies, the sump pump’s function also retires and the tendency of dealing with water damage is high. Since batteries also have their respective lifespan, maintenance is needed to prolong its quality and integrity. Usually, a battery needs replacement in 3 to 5 years. It also requires undergoing periodic tests to check on its effectiveness and function. 

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Who Is It For? 

We can say that battery powered backup sump pumps are recommended for those who rarely get powered outages. They are made for households that require a powerful sump pump to pump out huge amounts of water. This is for those who want a backup that is easy to install and operate. It also works for people who have the time, energy, and resources to do routine checks and maintenance to prolong its battery life and to make sure it is functioning well at all times. It is not ideal for those who do not want to shell out money for periodic tests and replacements. 


Sump pump backups, whether water powered or battery powered, have proven to be effective in keeping excess water away from homes. They function to keep extra moisture and water that can damage your house. Determining factors can be decided upon the person who is to use it. Now that you know how these two works, you can definitely decide and invest in a type that suits your lifestyle, home arrangement, and preferences. 


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