The Most Popular Questions Asked About Exposed Aggregate Driveways

When you’re looking to find the best concrete option for your next outdoor home renovation, you may have questions about exposed aggregate.

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That’s understandable, and it’s best to be informed before you commit to a design. Or, you may have recently installed an exposed aggregate driveway that you still have lingering questions about.  

This article will cover all the answers to the concerns you could have about your exposed aggregate driveway.  

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What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

All concrete is made using similar materials. These include water, concrete mix, and aggregate, but with different proportions of these elements. Exposed aggregate is a kind of decorative concrete finish. It is made by increasing the proportion of aggregate in a concrete mix.

Exposed aggregate finish is created by either wiping away the top layer of concrete or adding a higher concentration of aggregate to make colourful designs and add texture to the concrete’s finish.

Can Exposed Aggregate be Used for a Driveway? 

Yes. This kind of concrete finish is great for decorative spaces, paths with foot traffic, and low-speed areas like a driveway. It’s highly durable and can last as long as a regular concrete slab.

Does an Exposed Aggregate Driveway Crack? 

As with any concrete, your exposed aggregate driveway can crack. A skilled and professional team of driveway installers, like the team from Seamless Concrete, will do everything they can to ensure the quality of your driveway. However, there’s no guarantee that it won’t crack over time.

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Can I restore my driveway if it’s been damaged by a crack? 

Yes. First, choose a quality concrete filler at a hardware store or online. Then follow the instructions so that you can fill in various cracks in your exposed aggregate driveway yourself. If it’s more than a few small imperfections, however, the damage could be too severe to restore. Instead, it might be time to replace the driveway.

Can I Restore an Exposed Aggregate Driveway that has an Oil Stain? 

Yes! If you use a solution that can break up the stain, you can get rid of an oil stain on your driveway. These can be found online, but you can easily make a solution at home with dishwashing liquid and baking soda.

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Can I clean up tire marks? 

Marks made by rubber will need a more intensive cleaner or a power washer to remove.

Can an Exposed Aggregate Driveway be Resurfaced? 

Simply, yes! If your driveway is still in good condition, it can be resurfaced. This means you can take your exposed aggregate driveway surface and raise it to the look of exposed concrete. The large aggregate pieces will still likely be somewhat visible, but the finish will be much smoother.

Can my Exposed Aggregate Driveway be Sealed? 

Yes! An exposed driveway can be sealed. In fact, adding a sealer to your exposed aggregate driveway can deepen the colours of the aggregate that you used.

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To Get the Job Done Right, Get the Best Driveway Installer!

If you still have questions about how to install or restore your exposed aggregate driveway, then get a local concreting business answer your questions, help you choose a design, and give you a free project quote.

Pick a professional and experienced concrete installer to guarantee a high-quality final product.


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