These 5 Fancy Faucets Will Help You Uplift Your Bathroom

Faucets are those key components that must not be overlooked when designing a bathroom because they hold the power to make or break the entire look of bath space. Faucets alone can influence if your bathroom portrays a modern, classic or a traditional look. When intricately styled, faucets can hold up the look of a space and bind all the other elements together. Queo brings you an amazing range of faucets that you can use to uplift the luxury quotient of any bathroom. We have curated a list of fancy faucets that you can most definitely consider while remodelling your bathroom. 

1. Chryseum Felisa Golden Faucets

Nothing else spells out luxury better than gold. Just a touch of the hue can utterly transform the look of any space and make it look immersed in luxury. The Chryseum Felisa Golden Faucets by Queo can help you introduce the charm of luxury into your bath space and can make you feel like royalty. The elegant design and the sleek finish complements the golden glow of the faucets amazingly well and produces stunning shimmering goodness that you would want to wake up to every day. The gold in the faucets when drips down your skin, will make it gleam a little more. The Chryseum Felisa Golden Faucets are perfect for achieving that royal and luxurious look in any bathroom. They go with almost all decor patterns and style your bathroom in a truly dreamy setting. So let the gold faucets cast an enchanting spell on your bathroom and turn it into a mystic haven where you can relax and unwind in style. 

2. F-Mosaico Oro 

If you are someone who is always bubbling with enthusiasm and you want your bathroom to complement your personality and charge you up with the energy to get through the day, then the F-Mosaico Oro is just the right faucet for you. Gleaming with a mosaic pattern, the faucet will instantly light up your bathroom, lending it an altogether new life. You can choose from glittering gold and stunning silver depending on what goes best with the overall decor of your bathroom. The F-Mosaico Oro is something that can jazz up the look of any bathroom. So if you want to walk out of your bathroom all excited and electrified every day, add the F-Mosaico Oro to your design plan. 

3. Folded faucet

F-Courbe, the folding faucet by Queo is a design wonder in itself. It can easily stand as the best designer installation of your bathroom. The fold in the faucet lends it an unmatched uniqueness. It carries along with its own elegance and surely makes a style statement, to say the least. Your bathroom will never be the same after the installation of the folded faucet. The fold in the faucet is unlike any other curved design, it is sharp, crisp and bends at just the right angle. So if you want your bathroom to reflect your love for intricacy and imagination the F-Courbe has to have a special space reserved in your luxury bathroom.

4. F-Elegant

The F-Elegant lives up to its name in full glory. It is best suited for someone who looks for perfection in everything. If you are someone who focuses on minute details and you want everything to not be even an inch away from perfection, then this elegant faucet will soothe your senses and will make you fall in love with your love for perfection all over again. The F-Elegant is crafted in the most loved, classic pattern, something that never goes out of style. The design can be paired with almost everything and you will not have to restrain your choices for any bathware or accessory only to make it complement your faucet. Add the F-Elegant to achieve that charismatic elegance to your bathroom. 

5. F-Fiordo 

If you like to keep things simple but stylish at the same time then F-Fiordo is just the right faucet for you. It is the curated with the perfect balance of simplicity with style. It is both sharp and blunt, meaning it makes a style statement while staying subtle and not going too overboard. Anyone who steps into your bathroom would become instantly aware of your high standards and sophisticated taste. Add the intricately crafted F-Fiodro to inculcate that mesmerizing charm into your bathroom and make it look stylish and suave.


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