Things to consider when selecting furnace repair services in Hawthorn Woods!

Are you looking for an HVAC contractor to install or repair your furnace? A new furnace installation averages $2500, so the cost of a replacement may be prohibitive.

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If you’re not sure just how much it will cost to replace your furnace and need some good news: Furnace repair services in Hawthorn Woods, IL is typically only about 70% of the total price of a new furnace installation. 

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You can also save money by purchasing a less-expensive model that uses natural gas instead of oil. If you plan on staying in your house for more than five years (which most homeowners do), this is one of the best ways to prepare for future expenses and make sure your heater works well today. A new high-efficiency furnace averages $2000 to $3000 and can save you about $150 a year in gas bills.

You should still think carefully before committing to a furnace replacement, however, because HVAC installation isn’t always the wisest choice. A new furnace might not be compatible with older homes, for instance; If your house is more than 20 years old and requires large amounts of electricity to heat well, an oil- or natural gas-fired boiler may be a better alternative.

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If you have decided to contact the best furnace repair in Hawthorn Woods, IL, and surrounding areas, here are some things you should consider. 

The contractor’s experience

One of the most important things a homeowner should consider is how much experience a particular HVAC repair company has, and it can be difficult to confirm which companies are reputable. The best thing for you to do is ask your family, friends, or co-workers if they know someone who has worked with any HVAC contractors you are considering. If possible, find out the name of an HVAC service company that performed work on their home so you can call directly.

A good contractor will give you at least three references from recent jobs and explain exactly what was done on each job. He will not only provide phone numbers but also encourage you to contact the homeowners directly since happy customers give the best referrals.

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The contractor’s experience isn’t the only thing you should consider when hiring for emergency furnace repair services in Lake Zurich, IL, and surrounding areas. However, you should also look at how long they’ve been in business and check for complaints. An HVAC repair company that has been in operation for 10 years without complaints from customers is likely to be a very good choice.


Another thing you should look at before hiring a furnace repair company in Hawthorn Woods is its reputation. Any HVAC contractor you consider should have a great reputation for providing reliable, safe, and efficient heating and cooling services. Look for positive customer testimonials online or ask your friends about their experiences with different companies in your area. Don’t assume that the most expensive provider is necessarily the best one; sometimes, contractors raise their prices because they offer more extensive warranties or guarantees on their work, but this isn’t always the case.

Get multiple quotes from pros

Even if you’ve already found an experienced contractor to call with questions about furnace repairs, don’t stop looking for estimates from other companies. In fact, getting several estimates from different companies is one of the best things you can do before hiring a contractor for this type of work. If you get quotes from three different contractors, for instance, and one quote, in particular, sounds much better than the others, you can use that estimate to compare other services and products in terms of price and quality.

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Additionally, if an HVAC repair company estimates a much higher amount than its competitor does, it’s worth asking why. For example, if the first contractor tells you your job will cost $10,000 but other quotes only $2,000 for exactly the same service – assuming each contractor provides comparable parts and labor – there could be several good reasons why the first company charges more. It might have been in business longer, for example, or it might have a better reputation.

Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning is the leading furnace repair company in Hawthorn Woods, IL. Call us at 847-865-8170 today for more information. 


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