What to expect during furnace installation in Belmar, NJ? 

Knowledge and experience in the field of HVAC should always be used as a first-line defense for any heating or cooling problem. No homeowners guide should ever substitute proper education and training for this industry, but some things can happen during the HVAC installation that you will not find talked about too often. These are the common problems you might end up having to deal with during furnace installation in Belmar, NJ.

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The return air ducts are impossible to install

While installing the supply air ducts is generally easy, many times doing so for return air vents can prove very difficult. This happens most often because of small spaces between floors, where it is hard to fit a vent. In these cases, the installer will have to add a small connection between your new furnace and the existing ductwork. This is often unsightly and not talked about by manufacturers of furnaces.

Sometimes, this problem can even call for a complete change of plans and the installation of an entirely different heating system like radiant floor heat (which we will be talking more about soon). If you are not aware that this might need to happen, you may end up with serious problems when trying to use your furnace after it has been installed.

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The return air vents cannot be taped over

Most return air vents come with pre-installed tape covering all openings (or holes) on them so that they can easily be covered during installation. Failing to cover these openings can cause the return air ducts to lose their suction after installation, which is something that can be fixed at a later time (by adding another vent) but should not be taken lightly. Even though your HVAC installer may have done this already, it would be best if you made sure before using the vents. Ensure to call for furnace maintenance in Belmar, NJ after the six to twelve months of new furnace installation.

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The wires do not reach

Nowadays, furnaces come with wire connectors and other devices so that they can easily connect to electrical controllers and thermostats right out of the box. Even though most manufacturers include one or two feet of extra wire inside the furnace housing itself, this does not always prove enough for many homes. Many times additional wiring needs to be added between your furnace and controller.

If there is not enough wire to go where it needs to be, the installer will have to cut into existing wires so that additional connections can be made. This can prove very dangerous and should never be done by an unqualified individual. If you do notice this during your installation, make sure you contact a professional electrician right away for repairs.

The furnace does not turn on

This is one of the most common problems found when furnaces are installed in homes and buildings by less knowledgeable individuals. To turn your furnace on, the installer must set the thermostat at a certain setting (generally around 50 degrees). Only once this has been done is it possible for a standby power connection to automatically connect with the heating system. Without opening up the furnace to check, it is impossible to tell whether this has been done or not.

The pilot light will not stay lit

For a pilot light to stay lit, there must be a good supply of oxygen as well as a flame sensor so that the pilot light can receive enough air. Make sure you have your installer double-check that both these components are working properly before using your furnace. This should be done regardless of other factors because pilot lights going out can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if they are neglected.

As you can see many things might go wrong when installing heating and cooling systems in our homes and buildings today. The best thing we can do is make sure we hire professionals with proper training for the job before they begin.

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