Three Things to Consider when Getting a Two-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

A two-bedroom apartment for rent is a massive commitment to make it your life. It means that you will likely live with someone else, either a friend or a spouse, and may be interested in starting a family. 

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A two-bedroom apartment is also larger and harder to maintain than a standard one-bedroom apartment. This means that your roommate will have to share the duties of taking care of the apartment. You may also have a child who is willing to help as well.

There are many things to consider when getting a two-bedroom apartment for rent. Here is our guide to getting a two-bedroom apartment for rent.

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Renting Logistics

Renting logistics should be the very first thing you consider. If you are living with a roommate, then who will deliver the rent to the landlord and how? What is someone is late on the rent? Can you trust the roommate to pay his rent on time?

A related consideration is whether you can pay the rent by yourself and, if so, for how long. If your roommate is unreliable, you may have to pay the rent by yourself if you want to stay in your apartment. This is unfortunate; however, you should only pay the rent until you are able to move to another place (unless you really like paying extra rent and really like your apartment).

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The same sort of calculation must also be made if you are moving in with a spouse and have a child. In this case, you both will need to know how long you can go without a paycheck in the unfortunate event that one, the other, or both lose their job. You also should compare the rent with your monthly wage. The rent should be no more than two-thirds of both of your monthly wages when combined.

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The Lease

The next thing to examine is the lease. Does the lease allow you to have pets? If not, will this be an issue. The lease usually spells things out in detail (my lease is over ten pages long), so all your questions should be answered within those pages.

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If they are not, you should ask the landlord about specifics and request that a new least be provided with the new terms. You and the landlord need to follow the same lease if this is going to be a success. If the landlord is not willing to do that, it may be time to look for a different two-bedroom apartment for rent.

Your Goal

What is the goal for you living in this two-bedroom apartments  for rent? Are you staying there for a short period of time, or are you there for a much longer period? Do you want to raise children in this location, or is it only temporary?

Knowing what your goal of getting your two-bedroom apartment for rent will help you put things in perspective. If you are just “passing by” until you can get a better deal, then a lot of logistical problems can be endured in the long run.

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The same holds true for the rent. If one or the other loses your job while raising your kid, you may need to downsize to a smaller two-bedroom apartment for rent. If you are flexible in what you want to accomplish, then you will be prepared for any pitfalls that happen.

On the other hand, if you have made up your mind that this is the place you will stay for the long-term, then you will need to be prepared to endure problems with rental logistics and endure potentially long-term pain if someone loses their job.


By setting your goal for living in your two-bedroom apartment for rent, you can determine the amount of pain you are willing to endure in case something goes wrong. By reading the lease and ensuring that both you and the landlord are on the same page, you can avoid logistical problems with the landlord. Finally, by sorting out rental logistics, you and your spouse or roommate will be able to enjoy the apartment together. You can check too. 


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