What is video pipe inspection? How and when to use it?

The video pipe inspection process involves threading a small camera through a pipe to inspect its condition visually.

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You can perform a video pipe inspection without digging underground when something is not working properly and is hidden underground.

How does video pipe inspection work?

Plumbers turn to more advanced technologies when drain snakes and wrenches are insufficient. A video pipe inspection, in which a small camera is threaded down a pipe to observe what is inside, is one of the most useful tools used by plumbers. This is how it works and why it is useful when traditional tools are ineffective.

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Customized equipment

Video camera lines or inspection scopes are flexible rods with small cameras attached at one end. In addition to being dirt and water-proof, the camera also comes equipped with the LED light that shines down the pipe as it moves. Similarly, resembling to a drain snake, the pipe is flexible enough to maneuver around even sharp bends in the pipe.

Utilizing inspection scopes

Plumbers investigate plumbing problems by finding an entry point into the plumbing, preferably as close as possible to the source of the problem. Once the camera has been inserted, they slowly remove it. This feed is transferred to a screen that shows the plumber’s inside of the pipe in real-time and enables him to record the video for later review. 

Investigating blocked pipes

What are the circumstances in which a video pipe inspection is necessary? Sinks and showers consistently clog or drain slowly are the most common scenario. When a video assessment is conducted, it may reveal problems such as the grease build-up, a dislocated or cracked pipe, heavy scale build-up, or a tree root entering the pipeline. 

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When is video inspection recommended?

Sewer scopes are needed for a variety of reasons, including:

Purchasing a home. Sewer inspections are not included in a typical home inspection when purchasing a new home. It should be noted, however, that sewer line problems can be among the most costly repairs you can make. 

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Sewer line with problems. If you are experiencing frequent sewer line backups and wish to identify the cause, a sewer camera inspection may be a great option. 

Video pipe inspection benefits

Video pipe inspections have many benefits. Here are a few examples

  • Video pipe inspections are sure to save you money
  • After the inspection, the technician immediately identifies the problem
  • They will even recommend you the appropriate work
  • If you know the problem quickly, you can save time by having a video pipe inspection
  • As a result, the underlying problem can be identified before it deteriorates
  • It is a good idea to prevent future sewage problems
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