Top 10 Benefits Of Installing A Liftmaster Garage Door Opener When Renovating

Many people are attracted to anything that makes life easier. It’s the reason almost everything is turning electric and automatic nowadays. From basic automatic kitchen appliances, like smart Wi-Fi instant pots and smart coffee makers; to electric and self-driving cars—they’re all designed for our increased convenience. 

With everything turning automatic, why not do the same with your garage doors during your next home renovation? Like most people, you probably go through this routine of getting out of your car to open the garage the door, then back in the car to drive in or out, then out again to close the garage door. Frustrating, isn’t it?

But installing a LiftMaster garage door opener will save you from these struggles, in addition to keeping your garage door safe. Automated garage doors may seem like a luxury, but it’s not until you reap their benefits that you’ll realize they are much more than that. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the top benefits of automating your garage doors when renovating. 

  1. They Are Affordable 

Since it’s normal to think garage door automation is an expensive investment, we’ll start with the good news: you can afford to install a LiftMaster garage door opener. They’re not as expensive as you may think. 

There are cheap and more expensive garage openers, but you don’t have to go with the more expensive option if your budget doesn’t allow it. The price range for LiftMaster garage door openers range from as low as USD$100 to around USD$700. Garage door remotes start from USD$20, and you can get a keypad for about USD$45. The complete installation process, on average, can cost around USD$350 (depending on the price of the LiftMaster). That’s not too much, considering the other benefits they offer.  

At, you can get the best deals on new garage door openers, or even get affordable repairs done for your existing garage door and/or door opener.

  1. Convenience 

Convenience is the main reason behind the creation of LiftMaster garage door openers. Imagine getting home from a busy day at work, it’s raining, you have to open the garage door, and you don’t even have an umbrella in the car. The thought alone can give you a headache, let alone doing it… 

Now imagine the convenience of pressing a button to open the garage doors, while sitting in the comfort of your car. That’s the primary benefit of garage door automation. It makes life easier by minimizing the frustration of manually opening and closing your garage doors every time you want to leave the house. 

Say goodbye to carrying bunches of door keys around and getting out of the car like a broken record; because with a Liftmaster garage door opener, you simply need a garage door remote, or a passcode on your smartphone to open and close your garage doors. 

  1. It Uses Smart Technology 

Apart from offering you the convenience of opening and closing your garage doors at the push of a button, you don’t have to be concerned if you forgot to close the doors when you left the house in a hurry. 

LiftMaster offers additional technologies such as the ‘Automatic Garage Lock Door’, which can be controlled from anywhere. It works in perfect synchronization with the door opener and even sends an alert if the doors were left open. 

You can also install a control panel that detects motion and can be set to close the garage doors automatically after a specified time. For example, you can set your doors to close after one minute.

Furthermore, backup batteries keep your doors working even in the event of a power outage due to electrical faults, natural disasters, etc.

  1. Security  

Security is an important concern in our homes. To keep your property safe from intruders, you must secure your garage doors. If you live in an area that poses security concerns, automated garage doors can mean the difference between keeping or losing your treasured possessions, and keeping your family members safe or not.   

Liftmaster garage door openers feature a rolling code—a keyless entry which changes the code every time the garage door remote is pressed. This feature prevents replay attacks and prevents burglars from opening the doors with recorded transmissions, because you’re the only one who knows how the code changes. 

If you lead a busy life and tend to forget small details, like closing the garage doors when you leave, LiftMaster helps you out by closing the doors for you (refer to point three above for more details), adding to the security measures already in place.

When you have guests over for a few days, you can set a temporary passcode to make the garage doors accessible to them at all times, eliminating the need to change the code every time after people have visited you.

Another impressive feature is that Liftmaster garage door openers have a ‘vacation mode’. When this setting is turned on, the garage doors won’t open with a remote control. They’ll only open with a specific code entered on the keypad. With an increasing number of burglars who use remote control scanners to bypass security, this feature is most welcome as there’s no way they can open your garage doors.

So, while you’re away enjoying your vacation, worrying about your home’s security should be the least of your concerns.

  1. Lighting 

We store a lot of different stuff in our garages, and sometimes they can cause accidents if we’re not cautious when moving around—especially if there’s no lighting. 

Some automated garage doors come with built-in lights that turn on automatically whenever the garage door opens. This bonus proves effective when dealing with bad weather, or at night when visibility is poor. The lighting is also effective for keeping burglars away. If they manage to open the doors somehow, they’ll likely be scared off when the lights turn on as the doors open. 

With non-automated garage doors, you’d have to use separate lighting in your garage for visibility, and only a few people invest in motion sensors, anyway. Go for automated garage doors if you want to solve this problem once and for all.

  1. Safety  

Garage door accidents injure over 10,000 Americans annually. That’s quite a large number for an easily preventable injury. To minimize garage door accidents, more people should opt for automated doors. They’re affordable and much safer than manual garage doors. 

Injuries can happen to anybody regardless of their age, and this is why garage door safety is important. Faulty garage doors can crash down, destroying anything in its way. This could be you, your children, your car, your pets, or anything else placed at the garage entrance. 

Also, traditional manual garage doors require the hard work of pushing them up to open and pulling them down to close. Not only is it tiresome, your fingers could get caught—causing nasty injuries in the process.  

Thanks to Liftmaster garage door openers, you are relieved of hard work and unnecessary accidents while opening and closing the doors. They also have sensors with reverse mechanisms installed, which immediately stops the door from closing and pushes it back up when it detects an obstacle in its way. 

Liftmaster garage door openers are especially important if you or a family member suffer from a medical condition like arthritis, or if you have young children. Automated garage doors significantly reduce the risk of injuries in in such cases.

It’s important to keep in mind that, as with any hardware installation, your LiftMaster can stop working properly and possibly tear off the wall when it gets old, increasing the risk of injuries. Therefore, you must maintain it with regular checks (at least every two years). If you notice faulty signs, consider replacing the system to prevent future injuries. 

  1. Energy Efficient 

Automated garage doors may seem like advanced systems that use a lot of energy. But in truth, they aren’t—as they say, looks can be deceiving.

Since the LiftMaster garage door opener is not in use all day long like other appliances, such as your refrigerator, it won’t spike your electric bill. At most, you’ll spend an extra USD$100 annually for your automated garage doors.

It will consume around 445 watts an hour, and they take around 15 to 20 seconds to open and close. If you do the math, you’ll find that on average, it costs 5,3 cents an hour, 43 cents a day, and USD$8 a month. That’s USD$96 a year.

Did we mention that automated garage doors can be connected to solar panels? If you live in a sunny area, then consider yourself lucky, because you can depend on a natural energy source to operate your garage doors. This will save you some money.

All things considered, automated garage doors are actually a bargain. 

  1. Low Maintenance Costs 

After a successful installation, you can relax as you won’t need to invest in maintenance anytime soon. Eventually, after about two years or so, you will need to have some basic maintenance done, but it’s cheap and repairs are easily done when you hire a professional who specializes in LiftMaster maintenance. To find a service provider, do an Internet search for ‘LiftMaster maintenance specialists near me.

You can even save on costs with basic do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance, which includes lubricating the moving parts, tightening loose hardware, and cleaning the garage door tracks. Garage door lubricants can start from as low as USD$5 to USD$40. That’s not high, considering you need not lubricate your garage doors daily.

In addition to these garage door maintenance tips, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the effectivity of your garage doors, because there are different types of LiftMaster products which may require unique maintenance methods. 

For more severe maintenance issues, call in a professional maintenance service provider. 

  1. Versatility 

Versatility brings us to the final question when inquiring about LiftMaster garage door openers, which is, ‘on which garage doors can I use a LiftMaster door opener?’ The good news is: there’s no single garage door brand that can’t be operated with a LiftMaster.

Regardless of your garage door type, you can rest assured that you’ll find a LiftMaster opener for it. They have multiple designs and styles which can work with different garage door types. 

For example, it can work with roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, slide-to-side garage doors, tilt-up-or-over canopy garage doors, etc. When renovating, you can conveniently install a LiftMaster garage door opener to your existing garage doors, making it convenient as you have no need to invest in new doors.

When buying a LiftMaster, you can ask the experts for advice on the different options to help you make a final decision. 

  1. Adds Value To Your Home 

Installing LiftMaster garage door opener will definitely add more value to your house. After reading about all the advantages of automated garage doors, you’ll agree that people are attracted to everything that allows life to proceed without difficulty. 

If you’re planning to sell your house, then installing the automated doors will attract more potential buyers to your property, simply because people like convenience.

Considering how modern technology enhances the curb appeal of your property, adding automation to your garage doors is an affordable and perfect way to do it.

Final Thoughts 

Automated garage doors are not just for luxury, as many people assume. Their convenience, versatility, and technology make your home a lot safer and cuts the need to invest in additional, expensive security measures. That alone is substantial enough reason to change your manual garage doors to fully automated garage doors with the help of a LiftMaster garage door opener.

Moreover, if you use your garage often, an automted garage door might be the best renovation you can do to the garage. It will make your day-to-day activities a lot easier and be the source of less frustration for the whole family.

With that in mind, when your next renovation is due, make sure the LiftMaster garage door opener is at the top of your renovation list.


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