Top 5 Video Creation Tools for Teachers and Students 

Are you thinking of getting one of the best Video Creation Tools for Teachers and Students? If yes, you have fortunately come to the right article!

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We will definitely go through the list of Video Editing Software for Students, but before reading the list of Video Creation Tools, let’s get to know about video creation tools in detail. 

Video Creation Tools are the tools that enable students and teachers to perform the post-production video editing of digital video sequences on a non-linear editing system. The video editing software for students lets you serve a lot of your purposes like general editing, filmmaking and audio commentary of the video content. 

The main reason for using video editing software for students is that videos are considered to be one of the most convenient ways for both learning and teaching. Video Tools for teachers make the teaching process more efficient as it doesn’t only include text and images but also course videos, tutorials and teaching videos. 

According to Twincities, after the lockdown, it was next to impossible to move forward with the teaching and learning process as students couldn’t visit schools, colleges and universities physically. In those days, video editing for teachers was the right way to explain students’ convoluted subject matter in a fun and engaging way. 

Importance of Video Editing Software for Students and Teachers 

Before getting through each and every definition and feature of video tools for teachers, let’s get familiar with their importance:

  • Improves Non-Verbal Communication: Teachers of different universities, colleges and schools have claimed that video maker for school develops the understanding of body language. This way students can learn to use their expressions and gestures in a proper way. 
  • Increases Creativity: Video maker for schools not only helps students to improve their academic skills but also provides them with an opportunity to learn things in a rather creative way using different languages as per their preference. This way they will be able to tackle real-world problems as and when necessary. 
  • Creates Engaging Sensory Experiences: Students claimed that video editing software for students makes it more convenient for them to listen and see the concept without any sort of hassle. The engaging nature of the videos helps students to remember the concept and ideas for a more extended period of time. 

As you have sound knowledge about the importance of video editing software for students and teachers, let’s dive into the list to get yourself the best Video Editing!

Video Editing Software for Students and Teachers 

There is a huge number of video makers for schools available on the web. Almost every owner claims their video editing software to be the best one. We are sure that you might have a lot of confusion. 

In order to make it easier for our active research team has tested and selected the Top 5 Video Creation Tools for Teachers and Students. We assure you that this list is the most sophisticated tool for you to try and master!

All of the video makers for the school listed in this article are high-quality ones with professional quality presentations, boosting engagement, contextual integration and much more. 

Don’t just go after customers’ reviews. Always remember that what’s suitable for others might not be always suitable for you. So, instead of listening to others’ feedback make sure to go through the description and enriched features. Then analyze whether the video creation tool you select is suitable for you or not. 

Let’s get started!

  1. VideoForm 

VideoForm is one of the most robust Video Editing for Teachers. Teachers can easily create an interactive educational video with 2x conversion. This tool has different options such as face recording, editing and screen recording for its users. 

Show users, you care about them by providing hyper-personal emails and LinkedIn messages. Moreover, you can make personalized and dynamic images within milliseconds. Also, you can create customized videos in just a few clicks. 

This tool facilitates e-learning by providing real class experience to both students and teachers. Not only that, students can respond to teachers through text, audio and video. It has 100+ templates to impress your prospects. 

Moreover, this theme has 50+ video personalization templates, 40+ image personalization templates and 40+ GIF personalization templates. The tool provides its users with an option to send videos and images from 100+ tools. 

  1. Filmage Screen 

Filmage Screen is one of the best Video Editing Software for Students that record your screen with sound in 1080P/4K resolution. Empower your videos with magic screen recording and editing software. You can even convert your media files using this tool. 

It is an all-in-one video toolbox that can be used to record HD video, mirror iOS screen, make animated GIFs, edit video, convert video and many more things. You can also capture the system sound using this tool. 

Record the whole screen. Edit the video later as per your own requirements using annotation tools. Webcam and screen recorders are used simultaneously by teachers to make course videos efficient and effective. 

This tool allows students and teachers to create engaging screencast videos. Its professional, powerful and enriched features will make the workflow simple and easy to use. Moreover, you can add freehand drawings, texts, subtitle effects, voiceover or music. 

  1. WeVideo 

WeVideo is one of the best Video Editing for Teachers that enables you to create your own video for the classroom. Not only for the classroom, but you can also create videos for social media, marketing campaigns, brand awareness, friends and family. 

You can add features like a green screen for a big-budget look without the cost or difficulty. It offers unlimited use of over one million pieces of stock media including videos, images and music tracks. Also, you can make videos on any device including Chromebook, Windows, Mac and mobile.  

This tool can be used on a computer or through an app. It inspires creative expression and student engagement in every subject, grade level and learning environment. Moreover, this tool lets you create videos like a pro in no time. 

Create anything once and instantly publish your edits to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other social media platforms. Not only that it is suitable for both students and teachers due to its simplicity, amazing functionalities and enriched features. 

  1. Animoto 

Animoto is one of the most popular Video Tools for Teachers that enable teachers to create and share videos with an easy drag-and-drop video maker. As this tool is really easy to use and has very simple functionalities it doesn’t require any kind of experience. 

You can capture attention and engage your students with professional videos which will boost their engagement rate. Not only that, you can imagine and create quickly using amazing video templates. Change the color, font and logo of your video in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, if you want you can invite your students to add time-stamped comments to your videos. Also, you can reply and implement feedback right from your video editing workspace. 

Create ads as you want for your school event recaps, social media posts, fundraisers, newsletters, and announcements. Teachers can also tell their students to create portfolios, photo essays or any other projects using Animoto. 

  1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the most powerful and creative Video Maker for schools with amazing video editing options. It provides visual effect plugins, access to royalty-free stock media, and a smart template to easily inject more variety into videos. 

Its interface is really clean and easy to use which makes it one of the best options for both teachers and students. Also, this tool doesn’t compromise on any feature to facilitate ease of use. You can also do color matches and corrections as per your own wish. 

Likewise, it provides all the essential video editing tools such as motion tracking, split screen and keyframing. It also has easy-to-use features like instant mode, auto reframe, auto beat sync, preset templates and much more.

This tool is trusted by a community of over 77 million users. It empowers creators of all ages from 150 countries and regions. It is updated frequently as per the need of the users. It has three pricing plans and you can choose the one that you need. 

Final Thought: 

Don’t just choose a video creation tool randomly. Make sure to try out the tool before investing your money in it. Make sure that the tool you choose perfectly matches all of your needs. 

We hope if you’re a teacher or a student these tools will help you to increase academic engagement in your classroom. 

If you have any questions make sure to leave your queries, questions, or confusion in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share your user experience with us.


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