Transform your shed into Santa’s grotto

Is there any feeling more exciting than approaching the front door of Santa’s grotto? And what if he’s set up camp in your very own back garden? 

Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash

Turning your shed into Santa’s grotto is a surefire way to stir up all the magic and anticipation that makes Christmas so special for children. Just by peeking out from the curtains, they can see Santa ‘s cabin, twinkling with the promise of presents and yuletide cheer. 

Fortunately for you, transforming your shed couldn’t be simpler.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Give it a good clean

Like every shed, it’s going to need a major tidying and a good cleaning before you can think of doing anything else with it. With so many big tools and sharp objects lying around, it’s important to keep a safe space for young children and to remove access to any harsh chemicals that are usually stored in the space.

Think about the colour scheme and theme
Why not take this opportunity to give your shed a complete overhaul? Start by giving it a much-needed lick of paint, keeping it festive with happy shades of red and green or transforming it into a Winter Wonderland with an icy white exterior. For a truly head-turning appearance, try a mixture of all three, using reds, whites and greens to recreate the iconic candy cane pattern. 

Then have some fun with different kinds of lighting. Make it even more enchanting with some star-shaped outdoor Christmas lights or even a couple of light-up reindeer

Photo by Angel Ceballos on Unsplash

Turn your attention to signature decorations

If you’re opting for a traditional Santa’s grotto, there are a few key decorations you might need to consider. It wouldn’t be complete without an engulfing armchair for Santa and the kids, nor would it be half as magical without some overloaded stockings hanging by the makeshift fireplace.

If you prefer a winter wonderland theme, go crazy with some snow in a can, spraying it on all the window ledges and the floor for an immersive experience the kids will never forget.

Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash

The final flourish

For the perfect Santa’s grotto, think about the little details that would bring that extra bit of Christmas sparkle. This doesn’t mean that you have to shell out on lots of things you might never use again; indeed, you can upcycle existing decorations that you use in the house and repurpose them in the grotto.

Go wild with baubles, tinsel, little ornaments, decorative garlands and wrapped gifts, adding cosiness and Christmas cheer to every spare inch of space. Don’t be afraid to make your own decorations either or display some of the kids’ artwork for a really personal feel. 

Finally, it’s up to dad to deliver the Christmas performance of a lifetime.


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