Top 9 Decorating Tips for Renters

Living in a rental property doesn’t have to mean drab and boring decor.

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With so many decorating options available, you can turn your rental space into a home that is uniquely your own. Read below as we outline some of the top decorating tips for renters to turn your rental property into a cozy home! Just be sure to review your lease and get approval from your property manager before making any permanent changes.

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Light it Up

Lighting is an easy way to set the tone of any room. Swap out bad light fixtures for something more modern. Consider using a variety of heights such as floor, table and overhead lights. Change the bulbs strength to match the tone and mood of the room. A brighter bulb works well for kitchens and baths while a softer light is best for living and bedrooms.

Lose the White Walls

While most rental homes come standard with boring white walls, adding some color will quickly brighten the space. Add a pop of color with an accent wall or find a removable wallpaper with an interesting pattern or design to bring depth to the room. Once you’ve added some color, hang a statement piece to reflect your personal style!

Treat Those Windows

Ditch those traditional vertical blinds for flowing curtains that add a light and airy feel. Replace vinyl window blinds with bamboo or fabric blinds to add style while still providing the necessary privacy.

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Define with Rugs

Adding rugs to your rental home serves as both decor and function. Use the to cover those ugly and worn carpets or add them to hard floors to reduce noise. Add a variety of shapes, sizes and textures to add your personal style and define your space.

Organize in Style

Organization is key to keeping any home looking its best! Choose functional and creative storage solutions to help stay organized. Try painting floating shelves to match the walls to give a custom built-in look. Replace plastic totes with stylish fabric storage boxes to keep your rooms looking tidy.

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Accessories and accents should reflect your personality. Add pillows and throws. Mix and max colors and patterns. Add personal photos using a variety of stylish photo frames.

Add Some Green

Indoor plants serve to boost mood and add life to a room. Bring in a variety of plants and use pots in different shapes and sizes. Create your own urban garden by adding a glass terrarium or window box. If outdoor space allows, try a vertical herb garden!

DIY Kitchen Reno

Update your kitchen with easy and affordable upgrades. Add a decorative backsplash with removable stick-on tiles. Faux marble contact paper makes for a quick countertop update. For dated cabinets, try replacing the hardware for a more modern look. Swap out that old faucet for a sleek new one. 

Create a Spa Getaway

Transform your bathroom in a spa getaway! Start with a beautiful fabric shower curtain and curved rod as well as a comfy plush rug. Add some scented candles and bath salts to create a relaxing environment. With your landlords permission, add a luxurious spa showerhead to help melt away tension after a long day.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


As you can see from our tips, there are many options available to decorate your rental home. You can add your personal style without breaking your lease or your budget. However, before making any changes to the property, read through your lease agreement and double check with your landlord or property management company

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Nichole Shahverdi is the Director of Marketing for Bay Property Management Group. Before taking over the marketing division, Nichole led the company’s leasing division as the Director of Leasing, working directly with landlords and tenants in all aspects of the leasing process.


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