Top Branded Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you own a spa or salon, you know the importance of Salon Portable Shampoo Bowl. Shampoo bowls allow you to properly care for your client’s hair. It allows you to wash your hair without causing inconvenience to the client. It won’t take up much space and will look perfect in any location. These are extremely resistant and undoubtedly have exquisite characteristics that will facilitate daily work. It will have no stains and will look as good as ever.

The salon cleanser bowl purchasing aide will manage you the correct way, and you never need to experience a considerable rundown before purchasing anything.

1. Portable Saloniture Shampoo Bowl

A stylish piece of shampoo equipment is what your salon needs to enhance its charm. This Bowl is very marvelous and exceptionally supportive as for cleaning hair. It very well may be balanced in any capacity to give the customer an increasingly agreeable hair wash. The bowl sits on a sturdy 1 ½-inch diameter pedestal.

In addition, it also has wide 5-point legs spanning a 22-inch diameter and the immense sink mount. The sink is quite large and you will have no problem fitting the head.

Key Features

  • Saloniture Shampoo Bowl has an adjustable height function. The height can be adjusted anywhere between 39 and 55 inches according to user requirements.
  • The basin bowl has the ability to tilt to assume a comfortable position for the user.

2. Nova Microdermabrasion Salon Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you are looking for a reliable shampoo container to prop up in your salon, you can try Nova Microdermabrasion in one click with This fantastic stainless-steel salon shampoo bowl also has ABS plastic that gives it excellent properties. In fact, it has injection molded plastic that gives it strength. The bowl is scratch resistant and will not stain. Clean in seconds, which is convenient between two appointments.

And you can take it with you if you are a traveling artist. You can also arrange it in your living room if you consider it convenient. The sink attracts the bracket from a stainless-steel bracket that ends in stable five-pointed legs for additional support. This ensures that the sink remains in position while you wash it.

Key Features

  • The bowl has a large work area that measures up to 19 inches long x 15 inches-20 inches wide x 10 inches deep.
  • The adaptable channel hose is ribbed and the water stream is smooth. 
  • The tallness of the steel section can shift somewhere in the range of 37 and 54 creeps starting from the earliest stage.

3. eMark Shampoo Bowl 

This one Shampoo Bowl will be a stunning and convincing extension to your salon. This bowl is little in gauge and can without a lot of a stretch fit in more diminutive rooms. Truth be told, the components permit the bowl to swing from a divider and spare space. It has contributions for hot and cold water. 

The bowl utilizes solid ABS composite material and isn’t probably going to be damaged. You can likewise tilt to a wide scope of points. This obliges it with various parlor seats or various statures of individual customers.

Key Features

  • The sink comes with a gel headrest that easily adapts to the contours of any user’s neck.
  • ABS plastic construction makes this sink not only attractive but also highly resistant and durable.

4. Koval Inc. Shampoo Bowl with Faucet Neck Rest Hair Trap

Koval Inc. makes an astonishing cleanser bowl and gives its clients a captivating encounter. The cleanser bowls are made of polypropylene material and afterward layered with a top of the line excessively reflexive dark completion. PP material is safe and doesn’t scratch.

Plus, the dark finish ensures the sink always stays stain-free and easy to clean. This shampoo bowl is permanently installed in any salon using a T-bar. It is safe to use and very durable. Its charming aspects are certified by the CUPC.

Key Features

  • The headrest made of the gel is waterproof and very comfortable, since the clients rest the neck.
  • The drain has a hair trap installed to catch jewelry, contact lenses, and other similar possessions.

5. Icarus”Streamline” 

Icarus Streamline Shampoo Sink is a cunning cleanser bowl that adds appeal to a spa. It is built of earthenware and showcases a lavish lustrous dark completion. This cleanser bowl is planned with a smooth structure that looks immediately alluring. It has an inclining bowl that adds to both the look and solace of this unit.

The shampoo bowl is only 23 inches wide and is very convenient. It only occupies a small corner of your living room. In fact, the chrome faucet looks aesthetic and sophisticated.

Key Features

  • The ceramic material is staining resistant and very easy to clean.
  • The shampoo bowl attaches to the pipe in your living room area.

6. Mefeir Black Portable Shampoo Sink – Salon 

Hair Washing Bowl

Giving hair a comfortable wash is what makes salons such a desirable option. The MefeirShampoo Sink is a great candidate for all hair washing and coloring efforts. It has a compact shape and has a small size, this is easily placed in any corner, even in small rooms.

It’s made with a rounded headrest that adds a touch of comfort over other shampoo sinks. The height of this flexible container is easily adjusted to suit the height and comfort of the customer. It is blocked with a stopper that retains the washed water and is easily cleaned with a drain hose.

Key Features

  • It has a sturdy pedestal and the entire link will be completely free of stains.
  • The bowl adjusts at an angle at the front or rear according to your requirements.

A business is always well decorated and most importantly, well equipped. A beautiful salon shampoo bowl and chair sit perfectly in your living room and will look amazing anyway.


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