Top Exterior Trends and Tips for Your Home

Getting the perfect balance for interior and exterior design is a careful combination of blending your ideal home with your surroundings, and the two concepts can be very different. To make your home stand out from the rest doesn’t necessarily mean you have to contrast everything around you. This complicated yet achievable process balances everything from materials, color schemes, shapes and property lines, all harmonizing to create your ideal haven.

Often the exterior of a property is the last item when updating or renovating a home, yet is an important focus on creating a first impression of your property. There are key design ideas and some simple rules that people use to create their own masterpiece. So if you’ve ever wondered what makes those incredibly beautiful homes stand out, take a look at these top trends and tips to give you an insight on making a home exterior the talk of the neighborhood.

Choosing materials and texture

There are a range of options available when choosing exterior materials. Whatever your tastes, an important factor to consider is getting the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. Discover what suits your personality for example; if you love modern contemporary design; try sleek lines, industrial styling and textures such as aluminum and steel. For people that love vintage chic, explore options of stone and wood elements.

Bringing the outside in

Merging the two design concepts creates a natural flow of your indoor and outdoor areas. To get the best results and create spaces that transition beautifully, sophisticated design ideas such as stylish deck railing offer an unobtrusive way to admire beyond the rails and create the illusion of more space and a fluid flow from interior to exterior areas.  

Experimenting with color

Color is a great way to express your individuality. It’s also ideal for complementing your interiors, so choosing something to balance both aspects highlights your design intuition. When deciding on your color scheme, it can sometimes be beneficial to stick to a maximum of three shades or colors together so your exterior doesn’t look too busy or disjointed. This combination will offer a chic and natural blend of palette which transitions beautifully into your interior space.

Make an entrance

On approach to a property, the entrance can make or break a person’s impression of what’s behind the door. Everything from the color of the front door to the pathway leading up to the house, is an important part of the design process. If you have a large porch space, adding elements such as sleek cable railing paired with lighting and plants offers a stylish yet welcoming ambience to your property.

Outside space design

Creating a tranquil and beautiful space in your garden is the perfect way to complement your interior décor. This outside space may be used for entertaining guests, enjoying with family or providing a secluded spot to enjoy a good book, so it’s important to get the balance right. Landscaping this space goes beyond just choosing plants and accessories, it looks at the ways to make best use of the area and how you can get maximum enjoyment from this important part of your home.

Incorporate popular trends

It’s important to design the exterior spaces of your property to your tastes but if you are looking for inspiration, the latest trends can offer some useful style advice. Certain design ideas and trends go out of fashion so to avoid your property looking like a throwback, using elements of trends can help you put your own twist on exterior design.

Some recent examples of current trends include:

  •    Natural stone and brick
  •    Grand entrances
  •    Unique fences
  •    Muted and subdued color schemes
  •    Decking and cable railing outside entertaining spaces

Trends can be unpredictable and with designers pushing the boundaries year on year, staying ahead of the curve can prove costly if you want to update every season. By incorporating touches of popular design and using personal intuition, you can use practical yet stylish ways to update exterior spaces to create that unique curb appeal for your own personal haven.


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