UrbanClap helped me re-design my Office Perfectly

Being a businessman in Delhi is one of the most difficult things. You have to manage a lot of things and not just the work you do. Owning a transport business is even tougher as you have to deal with various difficult circumstances on a daily basis and make immediate calls without having much time to take decisions. But I have been in this business for quite some years now.

My father initiated this business and I just took over from him. He started by establishing an office in the famous Karol Bagh area of New Delhi. A lot of things had changed since his time, but one thing remained constant. It was our office. It has been more than 30 years now since we established this office. After 3 decades, it really looks outdated and doesn’t fit the standard that our business has reached. Moreover, it leaves a bad impression on the customers and the clients who visit us. The people get an impression that if such is the state of the office then how good will their services are.

So to rectify this and improve customer impression which was leaving our business dwindling, I decided to give my office a completely new look. I wanted to redesign it from the core. I wanted to give it a modern look with modern techniques. The look I preferred was something related to transport only. So I decided to hire an interior designer who would do the job just as I required it to be done.

The Search for the Best Interior Designers Began

It seemed to be an easy job at the first. I thought I will easily find the best interior designer in Delhi and then get him to do the job quickly. But sadly, it wasn’t as easy as it first sounded. It was a struggle to be very honest. I began my search by contacting a local designer whose office is situated in the same market as mine. I told him about the plans I had but he straightaway rejected them. He said that it would not be a wise choice to do what I desired and gave me his design for consideration. I didn’t like his idea and wanted no compromise on getting what I was looking for. So I gently refused his proposal and came back. Now I needed to find someone else who would agree to take on what I wanted rather than forcing his ideas upon me.

So I picked up the newspaper and opened the classifieds section straightaway. I looked at a couple of interior designers in Delhi and contacted them. One of them even rejected by saying that they will not be able to provide services in my area, which was very weird to hear. The second one asked for too much money which was completely out of my budget. I had no other option but to reject that as well. So besides the many worries which my business gave me every day, this was a new worry which was added. It was getting difficult to manage everything together.

But I knew this was an important work and I had to prioritize it at any cost. I contacted my friends to see if they could be of any help. But even after calling more than 10 of them, I still couldn’t find any good Interior designer in Delhi. I was getting clueless and had no idea of how to find even a good Interior designer, let alone finding the best interior designer in Delhi.

Heard about the UrbanClap App

I returned home that day in disappointment and was thinking what to do now. My son saw me tensed when I reached home and asked me if I had any trouble. So when I told him about the situation, he smiled at me and told me to not worry anymore as he had a solution for this problem. He told me about a mobile app known as the UrbanClap App. He told me that I can easily find many services here on this app, including that of an interior designer. I asked him if I could find the best interior designer in Delhi, then he told me that UrbanClap has partnered with the top brass of service providers in Delhi and will surely provide me the best services in Delhi without a shadow of doubt.

Installed the UrbanClap App

So I immediately installed the UrbanClap App on my device. The installation was smoothly done and I got registered on the app through Google.  I straightly checked in the interior designer section. Then I was prompted to answer a few questions. These questions ranged from the type of property we were looking to redesign to if we would want design and execution or wanted the designing. After answering that I wanted both design and execution in my office, they further asked if we wanted only a few areas to be designed or the entirety of the office. I chose the option of the entire office. After a few related questions to this, we were asked what our total budget was for the project and at what location we were looking to have the services.

So as soon as I completed answering all the questions, I was told that my request and details have been forwarded to suitable designers and that I shall receive calls and texts from them to discuss the project and get a quote from them as well. Next morning, I received calls from two interior designing firms. I was quite surprised to see such quick response. I talked to both the firms and received their sample works as well. I really liked the samples of one Ravi Kumar interior designer. I asked him if he could take my project and work according to the plans I had in my mind. He immediately accepted it and was more than ready for it. Besides this, the rates he mentioned to me for undertaking the project were suitable for me since it fell into my budget.

Work got started quickly

He started the designing from the next day onwards. I told him that I needed the work to be completed quickly so that it doesn’t hinder my day to day business activities. He readily agreed to it and the design was ready on the theme of transportation within a couple of days. The execution of the design began from the third day onwards and it took a couple of weeks for its completion. After I took a look at the final piece, I was almost jumping in joy. It was perfect to say the least. I immediately called Ravi Kumar and thanked him for such wonderful work. Finally my office had a modern day look and it would certainly be creating good impression on the customers and clients that would visit our office.

I owe them, you should try too!

UrbanClap helped me find the best interior designer in Delhi and I owe a lot of gratitude to them. I would suggest everyone to give them a try as they will surely provide you some of the best services in town.


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