Top tips for cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner

As the famous saying goes, three things help you live a healthy life — good food, clean water, and the air you breathe. Speaking of the quality of the air you breathe, the health implications of breathing polluted air are a no-brainer.

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You may not have control over the outdoor air quality, but you have control over the indoor air quality, and that is why you should take AC cleaning seriously. 

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Exposing yourself to contaminated air spells danger to your health, especially to your lungs. Each time you turn on a mobile infested or dirty air conditioner, you will be inhaling mold spores into your system — and you what that means for your health. 

Because a dirty air conditioner is a recipe for chronic illnesses, it’s advised that you wash the air conditioner (洗冷氣機) regularly. 

AC servicing enhances the performance of your air conditioning unit

Like every other equipment or gadget, including your car, regular AC servicing and maintenance will enhance its performance — it helps your air conditioning unit run effectively and efficiently.

AC cleaning may sound alien and unnecessary to a lot of people. The few people that are aware of the need to keep their AC clean find it tasking and daunting. They often hide behind the famous Maxim of “why fix it if it isn’t broken.”

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If this sounds like you and you are not sure if you are ever going to have time to clean your AC unit or don’t know how to get started, you can always employ AC cleaning services. 

Whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning company to wash the air conditioner (洗冷氣), keeping your AC unit clean offers lots of benefits. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of cleaning your air conditioner. 

What are the benefits of cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner?

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1. Cleaning your AC regularly improves its efficiency 

Regular servicing and cleaning of your air conditioner help enhance the air conditioner’s performance by reducing the stress and pressure the unit suffers if it’s clogged by debris and dust. 

For instance, if the air filters become dirty and the vents get clogged, it hinders air flow and causes the AC units to work harder than they should. 

Similarly, if the evaporator gets covered in dust and you don’t make out time to wash it (洗冷氣), it won’t be able to absorb heat. Thereby reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner and gradually reducing its ability to keep your room cold. 

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2. Keeping your air conditioner clean lowers your electricity bills 

You probably didn’t know that allowing your air conditioner to be covered in dust could be the reason why you are paying so much for electricity. As we mentioned earlier, a clogged AC unit is forced to work harder. If your AC works harder than it should, the implication is that it begins to consume more power. 

As you can imagine, more power equals high electricity bills. It’s been said that an AC unit that consumes more power increases electricity bills by up to 25%. What that means is that regular AC cleaning or getting someone to wash the AC (洗冷氣機) is an excellent way of shaving off some bucks off your electricity bill.

3. Regular AC servicing will save you the cost of costly repairs and replacement 

If you continue to procrastinate servicing your air conditioning unit, it will eventually develop a fault that will eat deep into your pocket. Because the prolonged build-up of debris and dust on your air conditioner makes cleaning difficult, you will also have to cough up money to replace parts, which is often costly. 

Another common fault that can arise from been lackadaisical about keeping your AC cleaning is overheating. 

Not to bore you with technical jargon, overheating happens when evaporating coils can no longer dissipate heat. And guess what causes the evaporator not to dissipate heat effectively—dirt build-up. 

To save your pockets from costly repairs and replacements, consider routine AC servicing — better still, hire professional AC cleaning services to keep your unit clean, 洗冷氣. 

Here is why you need an expert to service your air conditioner

Getting an expert to service your air conditioner will save you some bucks on costly repair because an expert repairer will be able to spot those little faults before they turn into nightmares. 

If you still think hiring a professional to service to check on your air conditioner is costly, consider the cost of buying a new AC unit and that of expensive repairs and replacements.

We are moving on!

4. Enjoy better indoor air quality 

It’s almost impossible to talk about AC cleaning and servicing without mentioning how it impacts your space’s indoor air quality. 

Besides keeping your room clean, your air conditioner is also designed to keep air pollutants at bay. Because of this thoughtful design, you get to enjoy clean air. And clean air impacts your health positively. 

If you leave your air conditioner unattended, it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, mold, fungi, other germs to thrive in. What happens when you turn on a dirty and “moldy” air conditioner is best left to your imagination. 

Having read through all we have shared so far, you can see why it’s crucial to invest more time in keeping your air conditioner clean. 

How would you like some tips on how to clean your air conditioner?

Top tips for cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner 

Before we round off our discussion, let’s quickly touch on tips on how to keep your AC clean. You will find them exciting if you are a DIY person — the “hands-on “kind of person. 

Here are ways to keep your air conditioner clean 

1. Use a vacuum cleaner 

While using a vacuum to remove dirt from your AC unit is not ideal for deep cleaning, it’s sufficient to blow dust and debris off the unit’s internal components without going through the stress of dismantling.

All you have to do is run the vacuum over the ducts, filters, evaporator coils, fans, and pipes. While you are at it, remember to pay more attention to the vents. That’s where most of the dust is collected. 

2. Get an air-compressor 

Using an air compressor to clean your air conditioner allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas in the AC unit. The idea is to fix a nozzle at the end of the air compressor and blow air into internal components. This method offers more precision if you want to reach deeper into the unit. 

3. Change the filters 

As the name implies, the air filter in your AC unit helps trap allergens and dust — It prevents them from entering your room. If you leave your air filter unattended, it won’t be long before it turns home to mold and fungi. 

To reach the filter, you have to remove the casing covering it. Then detach the filters and wipe with a clean cloth before running them underwater. You can also wash it with mild soap. When you are done, remember to dry off the filter before reattaching it.

In conclusion 

Keeping your air conditioner clean will help you live a healthy life because it improves indoor air quality. If you need help keeping your air conditioner clean, reach out to professional cleaning services for ac cleaning and maintenance.


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