12 Tips to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Want to add a flair of style to your home and give it a magazine-worthy look? Contrary to popular belief, luxury doesn’t always equate to expensive. Armed with a few ideas, you can create a living space that looks and feels cozy with just a few touches, all within your budget.

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There aren’t any mandatory requirements to achieve that luxurious home you have always desired. By personalizing your home design and being as minimalist as possible, you can attain that high-end feel without breaking the bank. Simple tweaks like sprucing your bedroom with some crisp white linen, or adding a centerpiece of your favorite bouquet on the dining table, can transform your rooms into luxurious living spaces. 

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In this article, we focus on 12 simple tips that you can start experimenting with right away to make your home feel more luxurious. Let’s dive in. 

  1. Add indoor plants and flowers

Plants and flowers can bring some calming effect into your interiors in a luxurious way. Whether you opt for a big potted plant that you can place in some central space, or you decide to invest in a stylish shelf that can hold several small plants and flowers, the look will breathe some life into your space. 

Live indoor plants have both psychological and physical health benefits. In addition to face-lifting your home, they can enhance your well-being as well. However, if you prefer artificial plants and flowers to live ones, having them will still give your home a polished and luxurious ambiance.

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  1. Choose elegant furniture

Furniture makes excellent statement pieces. When you walk into a room, you can guess the tastes and style of its occupants just by looking at the furniture. Elegant furniture speaks class and sophistication. You can easily transform old or plain furniture into a luxurious piece by upholstering it with some rich-looking fabric. Even if you’re not a do-it-yourself enthusiast, getting premier home furnishings doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find simple and unique furniture no matter your budget.

  1. Have a neutral color theme 

Colors trigger our moods and feelings. Some colors elicit excitement, while others calm and relax you. They can make a space feel small and congested, or big and spacious. Some colors scream luxury and draw you in, while others appear cheap and turn you off. The psychology behind colors is profound. 

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When it comes to creating a luxurious feel, think neutral colors. Colors like grey, white, black, and classic blue can help create a luxurious feel within your home. For your walls, you can go for a mix of white and grey. Black would also look great on your doors and window sills. 

Though bold, gold is another color that speaks volumes. Adding a touch of gold around the home by spray-painting some artifacts and other small accessories, which can give your home a “rich” feel.

  1. Light it up

Sufficient lighting, natural or artificial, is a mood booster. Having plenty of it flowing into your rooms can make your home’s ambiance feel cozy and relaxing. To let more natural light in, go for window treatments that allow plenty of it to flow in. Invest in some stylish sheer curtains, or install one-way window films, so you can have as much light coming in as possible during the day. Installing glass doors can also let in more light in addition to giving the rooms a classy feel.

For artificial lighting, you can add some beautiful chandeliers and standout lamps that blend in with the rest of the decor. Designing recessed lighting on the ceilings can also help give your home a sophisticated aura. 

  1. Create space by decluttering 

To achieve a luxurious feel in your home, always aim for zero clutter. Clutter is an eyesore and can dull the mood of any room, however expensive its furnishings are. Create more space by keeping away anything that’s not intended for display and ensure you get rid of everything you don’t use. 

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Up your organization by investing in smart storage solutions. For instance, you can add overhead and under-sink storage cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom for tucking away more items. You can also go for custom-made beds with under-bed storage to maximize space. For your electronics, you can design hidden storage compartments for charging the gadgets while keeping the cables out of sight. With decluttered, well-organized rooms, your home will feel bigger and exude an air of luxury.   

  1. Add mirrors

Built-in mirrors can transform your home by giving the rooms a touch of style. Whether you decide to go for large floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, or several small ones stylishly spattered on the walls, mirrors make great statement pieces. 

If your rooms feel small and enclosed, mirrors can bring a remarkable transformation. Even one large mirror on a single wall can help bounce-off light, making the room feel bigger and luxurious.    

  1. Adorn your walls with wallpaper

Transform the look and feel of your walls with wallpaper. With many designs available in the market to choose from, you can find one that blends into your interior decor to achieve your desired luxurious feel. 

If your rooms are spacious, choose neutral colors to give the walls a laid-back, calm look. But for smaller rooms, go for bold colors with a bit of shine so that your space doesn’t feel closed up. 

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  1. Update your window treatments

Curtains are mainly essential for privacy purposes, but these home decor pieces speak volumes about your style. Voluminous drapes, hanging from the ceiling to the floor, scream sophistication. 

Adding some fresh and elegant curtains that blend in with the rest of the decor can create a dignified atmosphere in your home. If your windows aren’t too high, you can adjust the rail’s position to be as close to the ceiling as possible. The extended drapery will face-lift your rooms and give them that feel of luxury that has been missing. Alternatively, you can go for window blinds. Though minimalist, choosing colors that complement your interiors can still give your rooms a luxurious feel. 

  1. Play soothing music 

The soft hum of some soothing music coming from wall-mounted or in-built speakers can transform the aura of your home, setting an atmosphere of luxury. Whether you decide to go simple or all-out by installing a smart stereo system with multiple, multi-room speakers, having soft tunes playing in the background will enliven your home experience at any time. If you love outdoor entertaining, including some outdoor speakers on your stereo system can give your home that merry feel that borders luxury.    

  1. Invest in landscaping

A beautiful landscape, such as having a beautiful landscape-spotting yard, can give your home an illusion of luxury. A well-maintained lawn flanked by beautiful flowers and plants makes a great statement piece any day. 

Hiring professional landscapers can help transform your dull yard into a statement piece. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still bring some beauty to your yard with simple do-it-yourself tips. Adding some perennial flowers, building a dry creek bed and decorating it with colorful rocks, mowing your yard regularly and keeping it clean and free of clutter, planting a rain garden on those soggy spots on your yard are all simple tricks that can help create a plush-looking yard.

  1. Update your entrance

Is your entrance welcoming? You can splash a feel of luxury right from your doorstep with a few touches. For instance, you can paint your door with a neutral color like black, or any other cool color that complements your exteriors. If you love plant life, you can add some colorful flowers to complete the look with a warm feel.  

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  1. Invest in smart home features

Do you fancy technology? There are dozens of smart home features that you can integrate into your home and give it that sophisticated and luxurious feel. For instance, you can install automatic window shades that you can operate remotely from your phone or from an in-built wall keypad. Solar-adaptive shades even adjust themselves depending on the sun’s position, so you can leave all day and not worry about your furniture getting scorched. 

You can also install smart lighting that has motion sensors. Some smart lighting solutions even allow you to change the intensity or color of light depending on your preference. Google Home is also another technology that can breathe sophistication into your home. It allows you to cast music or video in different rooms, use voice to search and stream information from the internet, and many other incredible conveniences. 

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There are numerous other tools and touches that can effortlessly transform a drab home into an epitome of luxury. However, these 12 tips should give you a head start as you embark on making your home feel more luxurious. 

All these can help improve your home’s ambiance, but you don’t have to go all in. You can do a step-by-step transformation, implementing one tip at a time, until you achieve your desired look.


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