Top Tips for Decorating Your Home

With a new season comes a new set of trends for interior design.  The sun may not have blessed us yet but that doesn’t mean to say that homeowners haven’t pulled on their aprons.  Whilst we may not all be professionals, home decoration can be done even by amateurs once armed with a few simple tips.

Create a Mood

Setting a mood in your home is easy through the careful selection of certain colours, textures and fabrics.  Colour can go a long way toward setting the mood and energy level in a room.  Bright, warm colours impart a feeling of cosiness: choosing yellow, for example, will add cheer whilst red will invigorate a room.  Let cool colours like green and blue to create a feeling of calm ambience – perfect for the bedroom.


Photo © Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture


Photo © Erika Bierman Photography

Add Interest

Incorporating a variety of textures and patterns into a room is a sure fire way of adding interest to your space.  Not only do they capture the eye but they draw attention to the details of the room too.  By layering rough textures with the smooth, you can add the perception of depth to your interior design.

Create More Space

Homeowners with smaller rooms will always be looking for tricks and tips for making a room appear bigger.  By making a few simple changes, homeowners can cheat their way to bigger rooms.  Keep floors and furnishings light, attract attention to the room’s far end or even simply add a mirror to give the illusion of extra space.

Hide Clutter

It is not easy keeping the home free from clutter, particularly if you have children.  Using trunks, chests and drawers is an effective way of making sure that everything is kept tidy leaving you room to show off any family heirlooms and pieces of art.


Photo © Gavin Rae / Legacy Kitchens

Choose Accessories

Updating your room is quick, easy and cost effective if you choose to add some accessories.  Cushions, throws and rugs are perfect for refreshing a colour scheme without having to break the bank.  Adding plants and flowers to a room will also give life to a room but be sure to maintain them.

With a few simple changes, it is possible to completely update the room without having to paint walls or paste up new wallpaper.  What colour scheme will you choose for summer 2013?


Photo © Kimball Starr Interior Design


Photo © Weego Home


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