Historical Farmhouse Transformed into a Modern Holiday Villa

Jérémie Koempgen Architecture teamed up with FUGA to redesign an old farm house located in Morzine, in the historic district of Pied de la Plagne. Built in 1840 and considered a symbol of traditional local architecture, it was converted into a charming luxurious holiday villa, which can be rented for longer periods. Offering modern design with a hint of traditional architecture, all mixed up in visual harmony, Villa Solaire is a very inviting and welcoming retreat especially designed to fit the needs of 16 people. Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery, the rental villa inspires peacefulness and is a great escape from our everyday agitated and stressful life.


The project’s aim was create a series of up-to-date facilities and functions favorable current living, whilst preserve the architectual identity of the farm. The whole design, both exterior and interior, is imagined as being part of its surroundings regarding history, landscape and geography.  The framework was restored by replacing the wood structure of the first level with concrete structure, while the original looking wooden cladding that covers the whole building is the result of brushing and making perforations within the wood strips through a traditional technique of decorative cutouts, which besides the contemporary and simple motifs it creates, this method has for this project also a functional role of carrying extra light into the heart of the building.

What is interesting is the fact that  the cut-out patterns aren’t randomly designed, they meet the course of the shadows that cast onto the villa throughout the year. Inside, the two-story Villa Solaire gets a modern and highly functional layout, perfectly fit for 16 people.


A ground floor wading pool surrounded with recycled slate tiles (from the roof) sets the tone for a relaxing environment. The interior concept takes inspiration from the topography of the of the Rhône-Alpes region (with mountains and valleys), and on the first floor it features a cross-shaped living room with different levels in the structure, where inhabitants shares various activities like cooking, watching a movie, warming up around the fire, and four autonomous “blocks” such as rocks, situated at each corner of the villa. Envisioned like a built-in furniture architecture, these nested spaces are suites with their sleeping areas and easements.

This logic complexity of the concept is accompanied by a reflection on treatment of details and materials. The interiors are contemporary and minimalist, as if everything that truly counts here is the tranquility of the wonderful natural setting. The extensive use of wood gives a feeling of warmth, contrasting nicely with the grey palette. The fireplace surrounded by sofa and couches creates the perfect spot for indoor entertaining and relaxation. Large windows provide the right quantity of  light during the day. Enjoy the design details and the contemplative state it inspires!






Photos ©  Julien Lanoo


Project details:

Program: Retructuration from a farm into a rental villa
Location: Morzine, Haute-Savoie, France
Area: 620 sqm
Client: Private
Design: JKA (Jeremiah Koempgen Architecture) + FUGA (J.Aich & M.Recordon)
Economy Project: IMC ECO
Construction Companies: SARL Laperrousaz (Frame) / SARL Company Fourcade Herve (interior design) / Yves Gourvest SARL (masonry) / SAS Guy PERRACINO (millwork)
Timing: Early studies 10/2009, completion 01/2012


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