Dynamism and Modern Simplicity – Gallery House on a Budget

The collaborative design firm Next Phase Studios develop projects well managed, with innovative and creative design, and Gallery House is evidence of that. Especially designed to fit the needs of a family of four, the exquisite  two storey residence located in Chestnut Hill, Massachussetts, showcases a strong visual identity inspiring comfort and warmth due to a clever use of materials. Modern and original at the same time, the Gallery House stands out thanks to its striking wood exterior and jagged geometric roof. No matter what the standpoint, the visual approach is different, this dynamism being expressed also internally through layers of internal and external glazing.

House-by-Next-Phase-Studios Architects

Despite its graphic contemporary exterior design and modest size, the house is in harmony with the more traditional neighborhood. The extensive use of wood for the facade reflects a sense of warmth and immediacy with nature, while the black and white roof’s angular shape creates a beautiful contrast and help the facade to stand out and fits very well with the black framed windows. This  dialogue between the exterior finishes is also found in the interior design of this natural light flooded private residence.

Large commercial aluminum frame gallery windows and uncovered corner windows establish a connection between the indoors and the outdoor landscape and let the sunlight penetrates through all rooms from front to back, while maintaining privacy and controlling energy gain through an enormous roof and dramatic overhangs. Despite its limited space, the Gallery House reveals a good space distribution. A custom steel staircase leads to the private room which are compact and constituted around the luminous central living room and the kitchen area. Multiple layers of steel columns, glossy flooring, clean lines and white walls give the space a neat and modern overall look. Here are some inspirational pictures!

House-by-Next-Phase-Studios Architects-01





Photos © Next Phase Studios Architects


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