Unique Multifunctional Seating Design by TILT

In a world where everything happens fast, human tendency is to do as many things at the same time, therefore, even when it comes to interior design and decoration of the house we are looking for those pieces of furniture that shouldn’t only look fabulous, but also be useful for many purposes. Thus, adaptability and multifunctionality are two popular and highly appreciated features nowadays in terms of furniture design. You’ve probably seen a lot of multi-purpose furniture combinations, but certainly you haven’t seen another genuine armchair like this one we’re showing you in this post.


Its suggestive name, “OpenBook”, reveals an innovative seating design celebrating the printed form of the books in an era when cutting-edge technology made almost everything digital. Imagined by the award winning design and architecture practice based in London TILT, the “OpenBook” is a modern take of the traditional armchair and boasts a built-in shelving unit very useful to store books and magazines. Whether you want a quieter moment, to relax and read a good book or your favourite magazine, or you want to work on a project and drink your morning coffee, this original-looking furniture item could be the perfect choice whatever space you want to place it.

A fully upholstered interior promises comfort and leisure, while its multifunctional arms ensure a great interactive experience. The “OpenBook” chair incorporates on the right side a mini-library with three different-sized spaces to store and showcase books, spaces that acts as well as a lovely support for your water glass or cup of coffee; the left side creates a more intimate space due to the upholstered side panel which has two benefits: sound insulation and a series of slots for as extra library space to hold magazines of any size and shape. An evolution of TILT’s original Library Chair, its minimalist design combined with a modern white and grey colour palette make “OpenBook” a stylish addition to contemporary settings.


Photos © TILT

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