Colorful Hand Strap Case for iPhone 4S

Smartphones are very resistant to different shocks, but nobody likes to have scratched or cracked phones, right? A protective case is the best thing we can have to enjoy their features and in the same time to extend their lives to a longer period. Whether you want to highlight even better the phone’s design, to personalize it, to protect it or all in the same time, there is a huge variaty of models on the market to choose from, according to smartphone size and shape.

Rose-case-for-iPhone 4

For those of you who own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, we found a really interesting and eye-catching design which allows you to play games, watch videos and take pictures with ease without worring too much for your smartphone’s safety. Unlike other similar products, “Hand Strap Case”  ensures greater comfort in use and prevents accidental drops thanks to an integrated elastic strap system created especially to fit nicely the user’s fingers.

This idea came to designer Haijun Feng when he thought how to improve our everyday experience with iPhone by helping us to use one hand for handling it. In other words, using the “Hand Strap Case” the user will be able to perform multiple tasks on his mobile device with only one hand while he is carrying a bag, walking or waiting the bus or the subway. In this way, the iPhone will be very easy to be held steady on the palm of the hand and you can browse internet, email to your friends and other stuff without any stress. It comes in four trendy colours (rose, blue, orange black).




Photos © Senre Design


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