Futuristic Microwave Oven Concept Inspired by a Dome Tray

We run across Japanese designer Mac Funamizu‘s portfolio with amazingly cool designs that fascinate us and captivate our attention. One of his design concepts is a futuristic approach of the very popular microwave oven, which we use nowadays in our kitchens. We’re sure that most of you are familiar with microwave oven principles, what features have and how it looks like. In fact, they are pretty much the same in terms of design, there are small differences according to the manufacturer: a rectangular box with a transparent glass door which allows you to see inside it, and a digital control panel with various settings to heat or reheat quickly and efficiently your favourite dishes.


But one thing that don’t accomplish these devices is that they cannot show you for example how long the food should be cooked and how it will look like after heating it. Starting from this idea, Mac Funamizu envisioned a new take on the design of conventional microwave ovens, that probably will become reality in a not so far future. Inspired by a dome tray when he was watching Ratatouille, his futuristic microwave oven concept doesn’t look at all with what we know already. At first sight it resembles a modern free-standing lamp, but in fact it’s all about a mobile microwave oven with cutting-edge technology.

A circular shape standing on a tall base offers a new and improved sensory experience: it helps you overheat or burn your prepared food by telling you the period of time it should be cooked and by literally showing you what the food will be like after cooking. Just put the dish in it and the digital display will show you how will look like, allowing you in the same time to adjust the “appearance” by simply dragging the button. Moreover, it won’t be necessary anymore to get up from the table because this cool microwave oven could get close to the table every time you’ll need it. Very appealing, isn’t it? What would you say about such concept?






 Photos © Mac Funamizu

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