Encourage Kids to Eat More Fruits Through Smart Spray Designs

Family welfare comes first and culinary education of children is a very important step towards a normal life full of achievements and with less health problems. To include healthy foods in the diet of a child, regardless of age, is an eternal struggle for parents, especially since there are many unhealthy attractions all around. Kids are reserved to change, especially when it comes to tastes that don’t agree, that’s why most of the time it’s not easy to convince them to say no to candies and pick fruits and vegetables that contains tones of vitamins and minerals.


As a balanced and responsible parents we try as much as we can to apply and transmit to our children the basic food principles of a healthy eating, but in most of the cases our creativity and ingenuity in preparing their meals seems to work every time. Here’s what was thinking a Turkish designer regarding this topic. Fatih Can Sarıöz teamed up with Dilfer Nasır and imagined a cute automatic spray that spreads different kind of fruit scents in your kids’ room.

Meet “Whiff” who promotes a healthy diet on children through its clever and playful design. The automatic spray features a digital control panel that allows you to select different times to spray various kind of fruit scents, that besides the fresh smell it spreads in the entire room, acts as a remind for kids to eat more fruits. By smelling the natural and flavoured smells of the fruits, “Whiff” makes chidren crave for their good taste and stimulate them to eat. Its lovely and attractive appearance notifies them when it’s time to eat fruits through colorful lights from the base.




 Photos © Fatih Can Sarıöz

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