Unconventional and Surprising Sofa Design -The Fifth Avenue by Dima Loginoff

The collaboration between Russian designer Dima Loginoff and Italian fine uphostered furniture producer AR.T.EX. had impressive results each time, evidence of that being several gorgeous sofa designs which captivates your attention through unique and unexpected shapes, high quality craftmanship and eye-catching combinations of colors. Their latest project is The Fifth Avenue Sofa introduced in Russian Design Pavilion at Florence Design Week 2013 between May 20th-26th.

Although the newborn furniture item will be in production since summer 2013,  the International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design (Moscow) and the Design&Design International Award has already awarded it with the best design prize for interior objects. Looking at the pictures below is not surprising that it won such an award.


The Fifth Avenue Sofa  is a display of comfortable minimalism and elegance. It comes with a modern, intriguing look which has its roots in the geometry and aesthetics of downtown Manhattan, the Fifth Avenue, one of the most vibrant and stylish street of the world ranked as having the world’s most prestigious retail spaces. That’s why lightness and evocative forms are the main ideas in designing this sofa.

Each angle reveals a different visual experience, where a mix of solid elements and empty parts create the illusion of “suspended” buildings. The creativity in combining angles and lines, the carefulness in the selection of the best material for its structure, the choice of a timeless, balanced yet modern color, each small detail was given a special attention shaping an upholstered sofa with a well designed personality. Check out the presentation video at the end of this post and share with us your opinions in the comment section.





Photos © Dima Loginoff

The Fifth Avenue Sofa by Dima Loginoff


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