Transform Your Bathroom into the Private Oasis You Deserve

Fortunately, especially at the height of a pandemic that halted all major interior design aspirations for well over a year, transforming your bathroom into a luxurious oasis of calm is neither as expensive nor as time-consuming as one might imagine.

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Bathrooms need to be as functional as they need to be Zen-inspiring. With meticulous planning and investment into the details, this is more than achievable when you prioritize comfort, serenity and calm.

Luxury is all about the details and investing in key pieces that will stand the test of time. So, sit back, relax and learn how to transform your bathroom into the relaxing oasis of calm you truly deserve. 

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If possible, install a bathroom dimmer switch to replace any bright, overhead lights or, alternatively, choose smaller ornate lamps and lower wall lighting for soft, glowing vibes. Candles and wax burners are fabulously effective in providing softer lighting as well as a peaceful, tranquil and calming vibe, not to mention the relaxing scents and aromas.

Investing in a ceiling chandelier is the ultimate in bathroom lighting opulence and a softer paint shade on the walls will reflect the light around the room, creating the illusion of more space. A soothing and inviting ambience will not only fuel your sense of inner peace but will make your bathing feel much more like a treat rather than an obligation. 


Open and easily accessible storage can be used so toiletries and personal products are not cluttering up the space. Products can be organized artfully on small decorative trays and, although a cliché, apothecary jars are a stunning way to display smaller items like cotton wool balls and cotton buds. 

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Co-ordinate your accessories such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders, keep them wiped clean of stains and spills, and choose them in contrasting yet complimenting colors. Affordable bathroom accessories can really upgrade the feel of your bathroom to a luxurious and spa-like vine and do not cost the earth. 


Minimal bathroom furniture is the key here, so strive to eliminate all unnecessary elements whilst still providing enough storage options. Large, ornate mirrors concealing hidden storage shelves are ideal, as well as bespoke cupboards built around sinks. For an elegant but robust option, check out this vanity. Exquisite softwoods or matte white finishes are excellent at creating a spa-like bathroom. Brass fixtures and fittings add a luxurious, 5-star hotel feel and contrast beautifully with white furniture pieces.

A fantastic and relatively inexpensive upgrade is to update your bathroom towels and bathmats. Choose soft, heavy towels in neutral tones and, to really provide the ultimate in spa-like oasis feel, remember the fluffier the better. A wooden tray across the bath instantly portrays a luxurious feel and can also be practical. 

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Baths and Showers

Standalone baths and jacuzzi baths are a more expensive, but deservingly indulgent, investment and the perfect upgrade for true decadence. Freestanding baths are spectacular and are a real talking point for a truly luxurious and show-stopping bathroom. Luxury shower heads and a generously designed shower can enhance your showering experience with rain showerheads and body jets. A rainfall showerhead can transform each a shower into a special occasion rather than daily morning obligation. 

Installations such as glass shower screens are a beautiful and affordable bathroom upgrade that not only add a sense of luxury but improve your bathroom’s functionality too. Glazewell shower screens offer a wide selection of designs, safety glass styles and configuration options and the addition of a glass shower screen will add a real element of luxury to your bathroom. Wood paneling offers a more affordable alternative to wall tiles and warming wood flooring complimented with plants or succulents really offers that spa-feel that you crave. 

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Your Personality

The addition of art is often overlooked in a bathroom, yet carefully chosen artwork can really make your bathroom a talking point. If spacious, consider a small stool or ottoman which will instantly make the space more upscale and elegant. Bringing a touch of the outside into your bathroom is a stunning and natural way to add a splash of color to the room. Plants that thrive in humidity such as aloe vera and bamboo are easy to maintain and will add personality and drama. 

Bringing a new color into your bathroom like adding a feature wall painted a bright cornflower blue or turquoise is a fabulous addition. Finish off your luxurious bathroom with a bath pillow, light your aroma-filled sensory candles and lay back and enjoy your new oasis of calm.


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