5 Packaging Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Poorly designed packaging can negatively affect your brand while also resulting in a loss of sales and revenue.

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A great packaging design keeps the customers focused on what your brand does best, while sloppy execution of your design completely negates the results you wanted to achieve with branded packaging.

When looking for packaging design services, it’s important to follow a brand-aligned strategy that enhances your customer’s experience, from the look, the feel, and the unboxing.

Read on to find out packaging design mistakes that can hurt your business. 

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  1. Generic designs

Generic designs are often unattractive and difficult to differentiate from the competition. They also don’t do a good job in representing your company’s unique brand. Packaging provides a great platform to differentiate your products from those of your competitors and captivate your target audience. Without a creative packaging design that reflects your brand image, it is difficult to realize the results you expect from your packaging. It’s advisable to outsource professional package designing services to avoid creating a poor first impression and driving away potential customers with a poor packaging design, 

  1. Excessive packaging and waste

There’s a good chance you have received a shipment with excessive and unnecessary packaging. It happens quite a lot, and it’s not a pleasant experience, especially in a time when there is a lot of emphasis on creating environmentally conscious brands. These days, consumers are paying more attention to recyclable packing, and brands that use recyclable materials are more popular than those that utilize too much plastic. 

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Apart from damaging your brand’s eco-friendly image, excessive packing is also a waste of resources and time. Excessive packaging that serves no aesthetic or functional purpose can result in frustration, impatience, and ultimately disappointment. 

  1. Typographical errors

Nothing turns off customers than typo errors on a product package. These errors reflect your brand as unprofessional, careless and inattentive, and do not make a good impression of the product inside either. Clear, precise communication is necessary to create a positive brand perception. It’s a crucial avenue for building trust. 

  1. Failing to know your target audience

Failing to know your target customers can prove to be tremendously costly. Be sure to establish who you intend to sell your products to before you design the packaging. Failure to know your customer can go wrong in several ways. For instance, food packaging that features screw-off lids that could easily choke a baby, can adversely affect your sales and brand. If your target customers are the elderly, and your package features seals that can’t be broken easily or a font that is hard to read, then you are dooming your brand to failure. 

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  1. Not keeping things simple

In the world of marketing and advertising, simplicity is effective in packaging design. Oftentimes, companies make things complicated in an effort to impress the target audience and end up with achieving nothing. Unnecessary details in your packaging will only distract your target customers and ultimately take away from your brand’s unique message. To grab immediate and maximum attention, keep your design simple, straightforward and streamlined. 


Great packaging design is not just about aesthetics. Always consider your customer’s experience while still carefully weaving your brand identity into the packaging design. 


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