Unique Wooden Wall Clock by Pana Objects

We can’t say we’d be able to tell the time with this wooden wall clock apart from the fixed hours, but the round shape beautifully textured reflecting lights and shades is striking enough to make us to love it and share with you its clock concept. It’s a handsome way to tell time indeed, don’t you think? Simple, yet unique in its design, this wall-mounted clock envisioned by Thailand based company Pana Objects is inspired by the origin of time since the age of sun clock, light and shade, being a great accessory for any modern home décor, fun to pair with other wooden chic pieces.

Made of Marple wood, Shady would make a fantastic statement on a plain-colored wall with its creative face cut out forming an attractive pattern of shadows and lights.You can choose its hand clock color between black and white according to your preferences and take into consideration the fact that every piece is unique and the product you’ll buy might not be identical to the shown image.




Photos © Pana Objects


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