How to Find the Perfect Bed Headboard for your Bedroom

Bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom and few of us realise that everything related to it becomes key furniture pieces with a big influence over the look and feel of the room. Even though it might sound surprising, a bed frame or a bed headboard can really make or break your bedroom design, so we should give their well deserved attention.

Because we spend a great deal of life sleeping, it is very important, when choosing the bed and the other accessories, to think about their quality as well as their appearance and these days we feel we are lucky to see a wide range of styles, materials, finishes and colors in terms of headboards than before and have the possibility to opt for custom designer headboards. In this way, we can pick them out according to our own tastes, preferences and even match them with the existing room’s decor.


Photo © Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Carpetright headboards, for example, comes in various sizes and types that suit many different beds, so your dream headboard is just a click away. Connected at the head or top of the bed, headboards used to be the piece of furniture that isolated the sleeper from walls, allowing the cold air to sink to the floors. This traditional function is partially available today, because over time many buildings became better insulated and better heated, so that, in modern times headboards are used for many other advantages, having even a simple decorative purpose. Nowadays, this popular item have a lot of functional values as well as aesthetic ones.

While it’s designed to provide added support and comfort such as holding pillows and bed linens, our back when reading or watching TV, storing books or other items, a headboard can add a lot of style to the bedroom. For example, for a classic and in the same time rustic look, you can get a wooden headboard. Or if you like having something comfortable to lean against which color and fabric fit with the rest of the room’s design, then the best choice is the upholstered headboards. Whatever your goal is when buying a headboad, to achieve a certain aesthetic effect, to enjoy warm and cozy textures, to obtain a contemporary feel or on the contrary, something more classic, traditional patterns, you should keep in mind some tips in order to find the perfect bed headboard for your bedroom:

  •  Match the headboard’s style with your bedroom furniture and room’s theme (if you have one) for a uniform feel or create a contrast between them for a mix effect. If you don’t have a décor theme, then go with the design, color or material you like the most. Remind that wood finishes and natural colors will fit most bedroom designs;
  • Think first of what material do you want to be and then look at only those headboards to find your favourite shape, style, color, patterns and so on. Usually, modern-looking headboards tend to be more simple in patterns, upholstered with different materials. If you decide that intricate designs suits you best, go with metal or wooden types;
  • It’s very important to look carefully to match the headboard with the bed, to have the same size in order to fit with the bed frame. For example, a kingsize headboard will definitely not fit with a single bed. This is particularly important when you’re shopping the item online, because you don’t see it in person;
  • Another aspect to consider is whether you want or not to collect and assemble the item yourself. Some headboards are solid and they may need a certain type of vehicle to transport or you may need help with their assembly.

Here are a few headboards that are turning our heads right now.


 Photo © David Duncan Livingston; Lizette Marie Interior Design


Photo © Imagine Living


Photo © Imagine Living


Photo © Phillip Ennis Photography; Narofsky Architecture + ways2design


Photo © usona


Photo ©Emily Payne; Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.

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