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A customer or a patron always requires a comfortable dining space for having their super. Being a restaurant owner, you must think about customer comfort and make sure they have a good experience of dining in your restaurant. It isn’t easy to find a perfect booth for your restaurant yet you can find the best. Here you will find different kinds of restaurant booths with their specific qualities.

Single booth

If the booth is of standard length, then two adults or three children can sit into it with comfort. Booths cover the useless space in the restaurant and convert it into the best room for sitting. You do not have to bother about the arrangements of booths, once a customer left. Single booths are perfect for space where two chairs are also required along with the booth.

Double booth

You do not need the chairs if you are planning to place a double booth in your dining area. The benefit of a double booth is, it can easily fit a corner, and a full family can enjoy the food comfortably by relaxing on the stall. The dual side booth gives your restaurant an attractive look of sitting and provides sufficient space for the customers to sit. 

Wall bench 

In most cases, the wall bench is made up of wood. The portion of the back, starting from the top cap to the crump strip, is made from the wood. Cushions are along with the toe kick is made up of foam, where the customer can relax their body. When the customer comes at your place to have food, you must check they have a proper seat, as it is the first impression for any customer.

Half circle

If the customer is having a birthday party for a family dinner, then he /she might prefer a dining space where everyone can have their food with the togetherness and love of each other. This set as pre the name have a semi or half-circle in shape. The table in the middle makes the look of dinning appropriate.

Three-fourth circle

Here you will find only one portion to get an entry or exit. In India, many families live in a joint which means 15 to 20 members in one roof. If the family goes out for dinner, then space, where all can eat together and have fun, will be a three-fourth booth. If your restaurant has enough room for the same, then this might be an advantage to you. The big birthday parties may found space to chill if you offer them a three-fourth booth in your restaurant.

A button style booth

A button style booth contains small buttons in the back. The controls are placed for the comfort of the customer.  They look attractive while entering any restaurant. It might raise the rankings of your restaurants too. 


This booth contains six linings at the back. It has six divided channels to comfort the end of the customer. When a customer comes to a restaurant for having supper, he wants comfortable dining for having his food. Make sure he enjoys every moment when he enters your restaurant.


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