What is a sleigh bed frame?

Unique. Classic. A true beauty.

Most bedrooms have standard bed frames plus regular bedroom furniture that makes your bedroom space livable. For our mattresses, canopy, footboard, and headboard, we need support, and that is why bed frames are important. They have to be strong enough to hold all these, especially the mattress so it doesn’t move around when we sleep on it or start to sag in the middle. The regular bed frame designs we all know, are what we find in most bedrooms, hotels or guestrooms.

They would most likely be rectangular in shape. Then once in a while, we come across a design that is unique and specially designed for just the person. When we think about sleigh or sled, the first thing that comes to mind is snow, gliding through it more often than not, downhill while the wind whips our faces and we scream in delight. Afterward, it’s hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. Another thought it brings to mind is Christmas. We can just hear santa’s bells ringing as the reindeers pull his sleigh or sled through the sky with presents for those who have nice to other people all year.

Our beds happen to be the focal point in our bedrooms and there are different kinds of beds out there; we have, Trundle, Cabin, Divan, Canopy, Sleigh, Platform, Loft, Feather, Water, Bunk. Let’s focus on what a sleigh bed is.

Well, a sleigh bed is a style of bed with a curved or scrolled foot. Instead of a regular straight foot, it curves outward away from the bed like a ship’s bow plus the headboard is also curved or scrolled making it look like a sleigh or sled. The outcome is a uniquely designed bed frame that looks like a sleigh or sled. It can come in a single bed or double bed.

This bed frame is made most often with wood and can be quite heavy due to the amount of wood used to make the curved or scrolled foot and headboard design. Other materials can be used to make a sleigh or sled bed, they are iron, steel, aluminum. These other materials can be used to make the sleigh bed, but metal is prone to warping so the most common and popular is wood.

It is a result of the American empire which is a French-inspired neoclassical style of American furniture and decoration. It became popular in the 1820’s. The sleigh or sled bed piece of furniture draws its inspiration from the styles of the Roman and Greek periods. Those periods featured furniture made from heavy wood which could be vanished and was very common with the Greeks.

The option of a canopy or drapes to match over the bed which gives so privacy or just block out the sun from your face when it is rising depends on individual taste and style. Some people would prefer a more visible design from the late 19th century American Empire which spots a large headboard design that goes as high as two-three feet over the frame resembling a cupboard.

Most sleigh or sled bed frames look feminine in design but are still quite heavy in structure. They might have clean straight lines which give the illusion of lightness while still maintaining the defining characteristics of the design, but this is not quite the case as most sleigh or sled beds have a pretty heavy structure.

The choice of which room to place this bed frame depends on each individual. Although most sleigh beds are found in master bedrooms, you could trill your guest and place it in your guestroom and also in your kids’ room. For kids’ rooms, try turning it up a notch by painting it in some bright colors that children love. perhaps pink, purple, yellow for girls and blue or green for boys.

There is also the question of if this sleigh or sled bed style would fit in contemporary designs as it comes across as a rustic, earthy design? The answer is yes. The sleigh or sled bed is a versatile design which blends in with any modern design of your choice. This contemporary bed frame has a great classic design that is comfortable to sleep in and very cozy. They are designed with ample space underneath the bed which can be used to store blankets, throws, beddings, linens, and even extra pillows. If the storage space underneath the bed is not in use, it can be used to store your luggage.

Although most people would opt for the storage space underneath to have a couple of drawers they could use, there is also the option of the drawers having wheels so they could get to clean under the bed as often as they want to, also make it easier to pull out and push in the drawers.  

Moving over to mattresses for a sleigh or sled bed, well any mattress size works for this bed frame, it all boils down to individual choice and the bed frame size. Do you want a queen, king, full, twin? Get any mattress size you want; the sleigh bed frame can be made in any of these sizes to suit your taste plus the bed slats underneath the mattress are very strong and will hold up your bed from sagging.

We know the need to stick with the comfortable and familiar, so most people decide on the standard bed frame for their bedrooms. Well, now you have the choice of a bed frame that will stand out in your home when seen by others. It gives your bedroom as kind of artistic feel, it takes you back to the times of castles, warriors and fair maidens. The bed gives you a sense of being held in its frame as the footboard is scrolled towards you. There is without a doubt the sleigh bed is a unique and beautiful design which brings comfort and elegance to your bedrooms.


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