What Not to Do With Your Air Conditioner: A Guide for New Owners

Chances are, you have a beautiful air conditioner, but it’s not working as efficiently as it should be. Or, it is working and you simply want to know how to keep your experience as breezy as possible. 

Whether you have a commercial or home unit, there are common Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind. The folks over at ActronAir have particularly useful tips about insulation and upkeep that would help any air conditioner expert maximize their experience. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of more basic do’s and don’ts that would also help out a novice or new air conditioner owner.

Don’t: Let gunk take over

As a new air conditioner owner, you might not be aware of how important it is to keep your AC vents clean and sparkling. Vents are where the airflow comes out from and if these are clogged up, chances are you could have some dusty air on your hands. 

You should also take care of the filter. The filters on central air conditioners should be changed at least once every three months. If your air conditioner is running all the time, you’ll need to change the filters much more frequently. This will help your unit run smoothly without any issues.

Do: Use regular service

As with any other machine, your air conditioner needs to be maintained and serviced on an annual basis. Over time, there are chances of small components breaking down or needing to be replaced and a  good repair service will help. 

Annual service is also a good way to keep down bigger repair costs. If you don’t let problems build up, you won’t have to pay for an expensive solution.

Don’t: Bring the ice-age back

Your thermostat is an essential part of your air conditioner bill. The lower you set your thermostat, the higher the bill. 

Try to adjust to a balanced temperature if you can. Your body will start to adapt to it if you make the effort. Consider the costs you can cut just by raising the temperature even by a few degrees.

Do: Go for programmed

Some air conditioners offer an automatic and/or programmable thermostat. This smart tech can automatically adjust the temperature when you’re away from home or when the outside temperature changes. 

This is also necessary if you want to cut certain costs. What’s more, it’s a cleaner, greener and more efficient way to use your air conditioner. You won’t end up wasting power and it’s much better for the environment.

Don’t: Discount fans

An air conditioner on its own is a good choice. However, the best method is to use both an air conditioner and a ceiling fan to circulate cool air around the room. 

Again, this is an efficient method to make sure air reaches each end of the room. This will also save you money in the long run since it takes some load off the air conditioning unit. 


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