5 reasons why you will do more if you write down your plans

One of the most popular sayings among motivational speakers now, especially those in academics is, “The faintest pen is sharper than the brightest brain,” and this could be said to be relatively true in virtually all situations where it can be applied. This famous quote implies that it is best for everyone to note points or ideas down in written form than store them in their brains, hoping to remember when the need for these ideas arises. 

When it comes to essays in particular, especially for college or high school students, writing is especially considered a tedious activity. This is why you have a lot of them asking their friends, “Please help me write my essay”. More often than not, they go online to search for essay writing agencies like PapersOwl, which would write their essay for them.

While this post might seem little directed at essays and college students, it actually isn’t. It actually looks to highlight some benefits of writing down your goals. This is an integral factor if one is to achieve the goals that have been set out, and this process should begin right from the conception of the idea in the mind all the way to its actualization.

A very good instance of this would take us back to academics and particularly a college student that has been given an essay or paper to write. The average student that is familiar with the reason why should you write your goals down and knows that the most important step of any essay writing is to find out how to write an essay outline, either by going online or by getting help from someone familiar with the process.

To buttress the few explained reasons as to why individuals should write down goals, explained below are 5 cogent points:

  • You derive clarity: Writing down points, processes, ideas or goals affords you the opportunity to take a second and critical look at your intended deliverables. At the point of writing, the goal begins to crystallize before your eyes. This, for sure, is the first benefit you get for writing down your goals. Achieving a goal is similar to taking a trip. Writing down this goal is similar to concluding on the travel destination. Knowing your travel destination definitely sets the path straight for how to pack, time of departure, possible expenses to be incurred, and it is exactly the same for goals. Writing them down gives you a skeletal idea of the other components that need to come in place for the goal to be achieved.
  • Helps you gather resources: After you write down goals, the next thing that comes to mind are things that are needed to be done in order to achieve them. Since no man is an island and resources aren’t always at one’s disposal, it is usually pertinent for anyone looking to achieve their goals to get the resources needed to achieve the objectives set out before the final goal is achieved. At this moment, the points written down help display where your strengths and weaknesses lie, how you can harness the strengths and get help where they are needed – especially in areas where you might be lacking resources.
  • Drives you to action: At this instance, every benefit of writing down your goals is simply a chain reaction of the first step taken in this regard. The writing was only the beginning of the process, articulating the plans aren’t even enough until actual actions are taken. Reviewing the first and second steps of writing the plans down, determining the necessary resources and workforce needed to execute the plans all lead to the part that actually matters, and that is the execution. As we very well know, “talk is cheap” – it is the actions taken to actualize the talks and all the plans that really matter.
  • Gives you enough reasons to finish: If you have been able to go through the first three steps successfully, then one of the benefits of writing down your plans has been achieved at this point – a reason to finish. Hardly would anyone have gone through those and start developing a reason to procrastinate. Asides that, the moment you begin documenting your ideas when new ones come, you can always append them to the pending ones and make them all work together in order to achieve your desired goal.
  • You will definitely finish what you have started: As they say, “Little drops of water make an ocean.” A cumulative of all the steps taken point to particularly the first and most important step, which constitutes the entirety of this article – writing down your ideas. This is meant to motivate every individual to complete the journey they have set out to embark upon which is to achieve the desired goal.

In conclusion, it has been noted that a larger percentage of people who write down their plans actually go on to achieve them because psychologically, the mind gets to work out deriving methods as to how a written idea can be executed. So make it a point of duty to write down your ideas when they come so you can get the best out of them.


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