What Your Murphy Bed Shows About You

Sleep is essential and doing it right means spending a third of your entire day cooped up inside one. If furniture could talk, the bed would probably be the one to know the most about you. It is the one place where we feel safe and the feeling gets familiar over time. We let our guard down and we relax far from the glare of the people outside the confines of your little bouncy castle.

So, what does your Murphy bed say about you? Although the Murphy bed does not resemble the traditional bed, it is still technically a bed. Your choice of Murphy bed and the way you sleep in it reveals a lot about your personality.

Murphy Bed and Happiness

Everyone heard about the saying that you should make your bed since you will be the one to sleep on it. This is an age old thought that reveals much of how our society rose from the tyranny of kings and dictators, only to be confined to another totalitarian home with your mom at its helm. Kidding aside, making the bed is one of the most basic chores that parents drill down to their children. It imbues upon children the practice of starting their day doing the responsible thing. Research suggests that children that make their bed are more likely to meet their homework deadlines.

So, what does that have to do with happiness? And what is it about a bed that relates to people and their happiness? Well, the answer seems to still be related to whether people make their bed or not. About half of the people asked in a study admits to not making their own bed and about half of them saying that they have other people make it for them, be it a cleaning service or a relative. This leaves a half of them leaving as slobs. And, with those asked, the majority of the ones that do make their own bed consider themselves to be happy. On the other hand, a majority of those that do not make their bed consider themselves to be unhappy. And most surprisingly, those that do not make their bed on a daily basis are a bit happier compared to those who have other people do it. I guess it does take all kinds to make a world.

Making a Murphy bed could be a bit different from making a regular bed. On one hand, you cannot just simply fold the sheets and leave them there. You have to jam that thing into its wall mount so there is really no telling if you made it or not until you open it back. However, this does not mean that making Murphy bed does not reflect your happiness as much as it does on the regular bed. If you think about it, is it not more satisfying to open a Murphy bed and see a well laden stack of cotton, fur, and foam for you to lie on. Now imagine the anxiety of knowing the hot mess that is going to go down with opening a Murphy bed. Happiness is a construct and making the bed is simply a representation of that construct or the happiness escaping through the seams.

A Murphy Bed for the Introvert and the Extrovert

Dare I say that human personality is a flawed social experiment. We have been trying to define who we are for most of our lives only to be told what we can and cannot do based on groups that we belong to. Think about it, it takes a few years in a young person’s life to be classified into all these personality trait groups. We get trapped inside these expectations and recluse or overexert ourselves into being the person we are expected to be. And this phenomenon is probably not as obvious as the extroversion or introversion of an individual.

So, how are you an extrovert and how are you an introvert. People are often confined by these definitions of themselves but there are actually other ways for you to find that out yourself. There are studies conducted on people who describe themselves as either of the two distinct groups. Then, they were made to answer some questions that would have had expected answers but instead surprised many.

There are two types of mechanisms that are used for opening and closing a Murphy bed. The first one is called the piston lift which is more expensive and quiet as a whisper. While the other one, the Spring lift, is cheaper, but sounds like a meteor crashing everytime you open the bed down or jam it back up. You might expect the spring lift to be more popular because of its price point. After all, Murphy bed users are often those struggling to find space in their smaller apartments. However, the two choices have split Murphy bed owners almost right in the middle. A possible reason for this is the lifetime guarantees that sellers offer for piston lift murphy beds. This makes it a good investment compared to the spring lift that would need more repairs for maintenance in the long run.

The premise of the study was that, if one is an introvert, then he or she would prefer the piston lift because it was more quiet and thus would direct less attention to them while they are in their homes. On the other hand, the extrovert will not mind if people would hear them preparing to sleep. However, the result has shown that only a few introverts actually chose to buy piston lift beds and extroverts did not all buy the spring lift beds.

This just goes to show that a lot of introverts might actually be closet introverts and the same goes for extroverts who are actually closet introverts as well.

A Murphy Bed User

Most Murphy bed users are considered to be practical or minimalists. This makes sense because a lot of the major cities right now are practically filled at the brim with working class people.


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