Create the Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist (From Exteriors to Interiors)

Renovating a place is a heck of work. From considering the present problems to solving it, everything needs to be done excellently. Many online shows or Youtube videos make them look like 15 to 30 minutes of the task. Let’s get honest, we all know that’s not true.

Renovating is like constructing a new house but with the same old base and modern requirements. Homes built in earlier times have congested room placement, while the modern one needs the open layout. We all dream of owning a swimming pool, a library, or a garage to keep our vehicles.

This can also be the reason why you are opting for home renovation. Whenever you are up to some work, always have a checklist with you. Why?

Checklists can do wonders. It can organize and streamline your work and motivate you to be productive. Same goes here, you will need to make a home renovation checklist, but before all, you need to know about the points to keep in mind while renovating the home.

Here in this article, you will know about the aspects to take care of while renovating a home and a checklist.

You can plan out things, but you will need professionals for advice and carrying things out properly. There are a few things that you can DIY, like making decoratives or fixing the screws around the corners. Leaving them aside, you will need to call the best home renovation contractor in Singapore (or whatever city you are living in) to get the most out of your plans.

The Ultimate Home Renovation Checklist

1. Examine the Exteriors

It would be best if you look at the conditions of the exteriors first, then move towards the interiors. Get the inspection done about the insulation, paintwork, gutters, and downpipes.


❏  Inspection of gutters and downpipes.

❏  Inspection of the attic (for insulation).

❏  Examining paintwork (overall).

❏  Check-on the Doors and Windows.

❏  Garden maintenance (go for a makeover if needed).

2. Plan the Overall Layout

Planning a layout is necessary. From which wall to remove and which one to add, everything should be pre-planned. While planning layout keep it flexible enough to make changes (if professional suggests)


❏  Are there any rooms to be expanded, contracted, or removed?

❏  Do we need to add a detached room (for garage or guest house)?

❏  Want to re-built or built a Garden?

3. Check the Flooring

If you are adding a room, then surely it will need new flooring, but if not, then check the floorings of the existing rooms. You might want to go with the wooden flooring or some modern option.


❏  Do we need to replace the flooring?

❏  Is there a need for the refurbishing of floors?

❏  Do we need to change or clean the rooms with tiles (bathroom and kitchen)?

4. Be Double sure about Electricals

Electricity has been a part of the essentials. It will help you with the work as well as entertainment. Though they are hidden behind the wall, checking it regularly is a must.


❏  Inspect the electrical service panel (make sure it meets your current requirement).

❏  Is there any need for an addition to the electrical outlets?

❏  Check for the sockets, if you need to add extra light fixtures.

❏  Check whether the switches are working correctly or not.

❏  Check for the rewiring needs.

5. Get Plumbing Done

If you are planning to construct a new room or rearrange the settings, you will have to arrange the plumbing requirements accordingly. If not that, you might require to change the hardware or fixtures.


❏  Replace old galvanized pipes with new ones (you might want to go for copper ones).

❏  Check the sewer pipes and change if necessary.

❏  Modify the plumbing fixtures.

6. Plan Interiors for Rooms

 After all this, you need to look after the interiors too. Exterior enhances the outlook, whereas the interior adds life to the house. From adding furniture to the decorative pieces, everything should be planned. Before that, you might like to create a mood board or define the theme.


❏  Select colors and patterns for the walls of every room.

❏  Write down the furniture to get from offline or online stores.

❏  Decide on decoratives for the rooms.

❏  Color and design selection for curtains and carpets.

❏  Do we want to add a touch of greenery in the house?

❏  Do we want a fireplace (or renovate the one)?

The list of interior designing goes on, and it might change if you hire a professional interior designer.

7. Set the Budget

Normally people do it at the first stage, but you can always be flexible with the budget as well as renovation elements. If you are planning to hire a professional home renovator, tell him about your idea and the budget. He/she will help you in getting it done with the budget.

Make a budget after looking at the average rate in the market per square meter.


❏  Gather available resources.

❏  Create both static and flexible budgets.

Refurbish Your Home without Hassle

If you are only making the rearrangements and getting things fixed around the house, you won’t need a professional’s advice. But if you are really reconstructing it, then we would suggest you contact a home renovator, get the quotes, show them your layout, and with their suggestion make it more worthy and appealing.

With the help of this checklist, you will be able to be prepared for home renovation. Plus, it will be a quick job. What are you waiting for? Get the pen and paper and start writing it down or you can either Bookmark or save the page offline.


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