When to use woven or bamboo shades for your homes?

Are you picking any window shades or shutters because they cover your windows? If you are coming under this category, it is time for you to stop and think.

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Window treatments serve more than just coverings. They are highly functional, saving you from harsh sun rays and offering privacy from neighbors and onlookers. 

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Woven wood shades and bamboo blinds have grown in popularity over the years as they offer earthy accents and add natural warmth to the décor. However, there are many other factors that you should consider before investing in these window treatments. Let us see them one by one. 

What are woven wood shades?

These shades are made from natural materials like jute, rattan, and bamboo natural grasses are an excellent way to add texture and bring outdoors to indoors. They are even used in combination with other window treatments adding privacy to the décor.

How much can you see through the woven wood shades?

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It depends on the thickness of the woven wood. Thicker bamboo reed will allow less light to pass through than a thinner grass material. You can also check for privacy liner options that come in various colors. One can schedule a free expert consultation who will bring samples along, and you can see them in the natural setting of your home and then decide. Professionals will be there to help you in case you are in doubt. 

The lift system available in woven wood shades

Today, the options you get in window treatments are immense. It’s not only the types, but the lift mechanisms come in various options. If you have pets and small children, always opt for a cordless lift. There are no chances of strangulation. Cordless lift options offer a cleaner look also. 

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Cleaning woven wood shades

Cleaning dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner every 10-15 days is recommended. If there are any stubborn stains, take a damp microfiber cloth and dab it. Do not spray water directly as it may lead to excessive moisture retention in the shades leading to warping. 


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