Which Woods SHOULD YOU Consider For Outdoor Furniture? Unveiling 10 Best Options

Just like indoor décor, outdoor decoration is also imperative.

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We often give 100% to our interior design and overlook our outside place’s beauty, glam, and décor. Likewise, the wood we choose for interior furniture grabs almost all our attention, and again, we seldom pay heed to what kind of wood we should purchase for outdoor décor and furniture.

In this article, we will simply discuss 10 primary wood types that you can choose from while building your furniture. 

10 Best Types Of Woods For Outdoor Furniture

Below, find some fantastic kinds of wood for outdoor furniture and amp up your entrance décor. 

  1. Acacia
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Many people inquire about what Acacia wood is. Acacia wood (also known as wattle or locust) is a dense type of hardwood suitable for outdoor furniture construction due to its durability. However, the wood isn’t waterproof, but the sustainability it offers makes it popular for chairs, sofas, and benches construction. Interestingly, it is the cheap outdoor wood that is desirable for everyone.

  1. Redwood
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The woodblocks are extracted from the gigantic redwood trees usually found in California, the west of the US, and are mostly used to make reddish-brown outdoor furniture. The Redwood chairs and sofas are durable yet weather-friendly. So, it becomes the best choice for many homemakers. Also, it contains a lot of tannins that aids in resisting rot and decay.

  1. Cedar

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Cedar is also one of the best materials for outdoor furniture used to build a sofa for the outside deck. Moreover, the unique design and finish of this wood steal the first glance. When left untreated after the cut, a raw piece of Cedar turns its color to a gray finish. Need not to say that it is lightweight, beetle resistant (because of their scent), and last for decades if taken care of properly.

  1. Cypress
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Unlike Acacia wood, Cypress contains natural oil in an ample amount, making it waterproof and weather-resistant. The wood is commonly used in the southeastern United States. The presence of oils prevents fungi and bugs from attacking. Therefore, people use Cypress wood to make accent tables and relaxing poolside chairs. 

  1. Teak
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Teak wood is undoubtedly considered the best hardwood type for manufacturing outdoor furniture as it requires low maintenance. Additionally, it can withstand all weather conditions, so heavy rainfall won’t damage your sofa sets and tables. The oil in Teak wood works as a repellent against pests and decay. The only drawback of this wood is its growth is very slow, so you merely find it, and let’s suppose you see it anywhere, it will cost you a lot. 

  1. Mahogany
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The most expensive wood that gives your outdoor furniture a luxurious touch is Mahogany. Like Teak wood, Mahogany wood is also rarely found. This type of wood also has some sub-categories, so you need to choose wisely. Not only this but Mahogany is also decay-resistant, and the color of the wood doesn’t fade away over time. Indeed, it is the best wood for patio furniture.

  1. Ipe
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This wood (also known as Brazilian walnut) comes from South America, and the word IPE is pronounced as “ee-pay.” The wood is undeniably the best wood for the outdoor bench and deck because it’s too heavy and almost unbreakable. The reason behind this is that it is the densest wood in the world. Alongside this, it can’t be moved easily.  Also, you can use it as an alternative to Teak wood. 

  1. Douglas Fir
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If you want to build weatherproof outdoor furniture, this wood is a fantastic choice indeed. Fir remains the same in all weather types and prevents deterioration under wet or dry climatic conditions. More to that, it is lightweight, and hence, lifting and moving the furniture comes in handy. Besides, Fir is durable, and you can use it for years with literal peace of mind. It has a natural resistance against rotting and insects. 

  1. White Oak
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Either you choose wood for a porch floor or outdoor furniture, White Oak is a perfect choice. It is versatile, straight-gained, and resilient wood that is less prone to decay. Not to forget, it is kept in shaded areas in summers as direct sunlight can fade away the color and beauty of the wood. In short, it requires regular maintenance. Like Cedar and Redwood, it splits apart effortlessly, so you might need to predrill the screw holes on the wood for fasteners. 

  1. Eucalyptus
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Unlike Teak wood, Eucalyptus is widely available and hardly decomposes. The aromatic oil present in the timber helps it fight against moisture. To more, you don’t need to get yourself indulged in its hefty maintenance. Eucalyptus wood is dense enough to withstand decay and rot. Keep in mind that it comes in beautiful red color and is exceptionally sturdy. 

Final Words

Your home is your dreamland, each part of which you decorate by infusing your soul and heart. Make sure to create a mesmerizing ambiance at your place. For a calming atmosphere outdoor, we all need to focus on our outdoor furniture, and thereby, we need the best and long-lasting wood for them. The top 10 types of woods are mentioned above. We hope we have made your wood-purchase decision easier. 

Author Bio: Sion Goff is an interior designer, a writer, and a proud father. He loves penning down tips, information, and guides about household décor, parenting, and other such emotional content. You can find his work on https://blog.inspireuplift.com/


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