4 Ways to Make an Old Home Feel like New

Older homes have a charm that’s hard to beat. Many older residences were built with outstanding craftsmanship and contain old-world beauty that is difficult to come by these days.

However, many older homes require a lot of renovations and maintenance due to years of wear and tear, and the fact that appliances and the inner workings of a home might be out-dated.

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If you live in an older house or have just purchased one, take a look at the following four home maintenance tips to ensure that your beautiful older home is in excellent shape.

1. Inspect the Electrical System

Many older homes have inadequate, damaged, obsolete, modified, extended, or unsafe electrical system components. These components could include:

  • Service Entry Wiring
  • Electrical Panels
  • Electrical Devices (switches, electrical receptacles, and light fixtures)
  • Overcurrent Protection

Some older buildings also have ungrounded electrical receptacles and fixtures, and many local codes don’t require rewiring to provide electrical grounding. However, grounding is a good idea to add to your system because it protects against potential electrical shock.

Find a trusted electrician in your area to investigate your home’s system.

2. Get a professional to Check Out the HVAC System

It’s essential to keep your home comfortable with proper HVAC maintenance. Older air conditioners and furnaces will work with less efficiency, and there are significant health risks posed by running older systems. Hot temperatures and rain make these systems breeding grounds for bacteria. They tend to build up fungi, bacteria, and pollen over time.

Consult with licensed and insured furnace repair experts who offer HVAC maintenance and high-quality furnaces. The furnace is the heart of the home. It’s essential to clean your ducts regularly and prepare them for cold, winter months. The right company can walk you through any necessary repair work, and suggest newer systems that will coincide with your needs.

3. Replace the Windows

Do you ever hear a howling whistle coming in through the windows? Or, is it always slightly too hot or too cold? It’s probably time to replace your windows. Older windows are not as airtight as new models and often have water damage. Replacing your old windows with new ones also adds significant curb appeal, giving both the outside and inside of your home a much need aesthetic boost.

New windows will also be much more energy-efficient than old windows, saving you money on utility bills. Energy-efficient windows are good for the environment because their installation helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. So, not only are you saving money but the planet, too!

4. Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

There’s something uplifting about a fresh coat of paint. A current paint palette brings a home into the present. It’s also incredibly important for your exterior to improve the curb appeal and increase your home’s value.

Many older homes are darker than today’s models, so consider brightening each room with lighter shades such as white or off-white.

An older home might require a little more effort on your part, but they’re worth it. There’s history to explore and gorgeous architectural details you don’t see as often in contemporary homes. With the right maintenance and improvement, your home will feel as good as new.


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